30 aug 2007, 16:57

    I'll make this more eloquent later but before I go to bed let me just divulge/jot/spew whatever I think of right here right now...

    Crystal likes dot points so thats how it's gonna work!!

    * After being adopted by a large group of "friends" I sat back..... Its a been a bloody long time since Ive been to such a "small" gig... and its GREAT! what also made it feel pretty exclusive was people being knocked back for tickets.....they'd sold tickets out 2 days ago, capacity of around 400

    * The paper Scissors I've never heard of but they had a pretty tight sounding set...their drummer would give the energiser bunny a run!

    * I stole a set list... Wasnt the juggernauts one but hey....Ill post it up here... let me work out whose it is

    * Damn arms rocked out pretty well too....

    * THE MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS were going to always be an interesting one... I won't say Im a diehard fan- that would be a lie.....BUT I did enjoy what I heard and recognised a lot of the set.... 1130 saw them burst onto stage...well to a solid drum beat, some stagefog and some md lights and stuff.....they played for around an hour... they greeted Friday with "Tombstone".... Bloody nice work.

    * the crowd ebbed and flowed... quite a funny sensation actually as it was like we were all part of a large set of lungs... int he sense that a surge inwards would crush any space (and air) out of the crowd, then as a slight pause between verses the crowd would expand and "breathe", pretty cool. The lead singer was almost "hypnotised" by the rhythmic pulse of the audience....he was looking pretty spacey, only to be brought away from his momentary trance and snapped into where he stood by the rapture of drums and the forceful guitar riffs..... When I get my hands on that double CD I'm there.... was a certain bet to come home with me but no copies left!!

    * I would also like to point out some things Crystal LEARNED/OBSERVED.

    - long hair Can be a problem, tied back is the way to go ( mine was tied back but apparently its great to grab!)

    - high heels are bad for are laced shoes. Crystal won this round also having the good ol' Gallaz' slip-ons on her "small" feet.

    - Theres a chick I'll call "Miss Piggy". If you EVER try pushing in front of me AGAIN whilst your mate precariously dangles over the barrier so pissed she can hardly stand, please do expect more than my elbows in your direction!

    - elbows in shoulders hurt.

    - its amazing how damn hot and sweaty it is... but how fucking fun!!!!


    Just one last thing though.
    I had the pleasure of being momentarily alarmed by a red light aimed at me as I walked along King Street Hotel. When I worked out it was coming from a FAT FUCK whom appeared to be a member of a security firm who was ironically parked across the road at McDonald's I promptly pointed out to him using Crystal's magical not-so-happy finger that I did not appreciate his gesture. Fuckhead. Thats okay, this continued further on down the road until he figured his little LED toy was out of my range. Still, all jokes aside, thats pretty freaky when you're walking home on your own.