'Reality' Doesn't Bite After All


10 nov 2010, 23:07

Just got my advance copy of Woolgather bands second CD, titled Programmes ll - The Reality Principle.

Casey and the guys have went with a little different sound on some of the new songs. Don't let that worry you though; the songs simply have more energy, with a clear and recognizable Woolgather sound. It's immediately obvious, the guys have grown musically and spiritually, giving Woolgather a more mature and even more enjoyable sound. The new album will be available to the public on November 30, 2010, so save your dollars and euros Woolgather fans, because this one is essential, a must have CD in any progressive rock, music collection.

Programmes ll contains 7 tracks in total, ranging from 3 minutes to 9 minutes in length. I will be reviewing just a few here, so as not to spoil the whole experience for everyone reading this. Want you to be pleasantly surprised, as I am sure you will be.

The Kite, has a slightly faster rhythm than what we fans are used to on Programmes l, with hauntingly beautiful vocals, thoughtful lyrics and sensational keyboards. Uh-hm, these guys know how to arrange music, with cymbals at the correct spots and something I haven't heard from Woolgather before - accompanying, growling vox, but they have done a superb job with this, keeping it subtle and well placed, heard but not overpowering. Over all, I would rate The Kite a near perfect track, giving it a 9.6 of 10. This one is pre-released as a single. You can hear it in full on My Space, at this link.

The King's Ransom, will take you back somewhat, to that signature Woolgather sound we all know and love, but with a slightly heavier rhythm guitar and some really cool backing vox, in my opinion. This track is another gem out of the jewelry box everyone. I will be playing this one until my hard drive melts! 9.3 of 10.

Pre-Flight Candidacy is an intro to The Kite and an instrumental song on Programmes ll and it's a perfect mood for a perfect album. It leaves me wanting more and already waiting in anticipation for a Fourth CD from Woolgather. This starts with a nice intro, that may remind you ever so slightly, of Ghost Riders In The Sky, by Marty Robbins, covered later, by Johnny Cash and also The Outlaws. However, Pre-Flight smoothly morphs into something very new and unique, with some really clever instrumental work going on, with chimes, walking cymbals, prancing piano and a familair rhythm and bass. 9.1 of 10.

Over all album rating - 9 of 10. A must have CD!

Woolgather are:
Smooth Operator, Casey Tipton - lead vocals/guitar
Good Vibrations, Eric Stephens - Bass
The Diamond Cutter, Matthew Eads - Drums

Read more about Programmes l & ll in Woolgathers My Space Blog.
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