Alexander Dinesen, 20, Man, Danmark
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Laura BraniganDon't Show Your Love Älskad låt 2 timmar sedan
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Laura BraniganHeart 2 timmar sedan
Laura BraniganTi Amo 2 timmar sedan
Laura BraniganSelf Control Älskad låt 2 timmar sedan
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Laura BraniganSelf Control Älskad låt 2 timmar sedan
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Ice-TI'm Your Pusher Älskad låt 2 timmar sedan
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  • cubmitchell

    I'm good. Always on the lookout for new music.

    8 timmar sedan Svara
  • JoeyThrasher


    21 jul 13:38 Svara
  • Linox_

    Okay :3

    12 jul 16:26 Svara
  • Linox_

    Heey =) thanks for accepting :3

    11 jul 23:56 Svara
  • jon1987

    welcome mate see you got some good gigs coming up aswell as Wacken

    10 jul 21:26 Svara
  • EnesmeDemonaz

    Heey :D thank you, your library is also amazing :D

    30 jun 14:14 Svara
  • rohguercio

    Our loved the sound of them really did not know, they are from a region slightly away from where I live, a personal one that you see here are always playing these , I know covers many, many, already one here that I think this is very cool national letters and such independent band, I think pretty cool

    17 jun 15:35 Svara
  • rohguercio

    I'm from Brazil, and unfortunately most of the concerts we have here are very expensive and usually do not have many different bands, are almost always the same, the nifty are the most undergrounds festivals with little-known bands, have a excelent here

    16 jun 19:55 Svara
  • rohguercio

    all right ^^ i really appreciate this country , and looking at your events i'm really really jealous because go to wacken for who is like me so far is almost impossible rs believe is one of the best festivals, if not the best, I would go hahaha ^ ^

    16 jun 19:19 Svara
  • JoeyThrasher

    he heeee, Toxic Holocaust! :D

    16 jun 16:59 Svara
  • rohguercio

    you're right of denmark? beautiful country, is part of my list to be played maybe one day rss forgiveness if there is any error in my english is not so good, not yet rss

    15 jun 18:51 Svara
  • rohguercio

    That, thank you, your library is also amazing, hugs ^ ^

    15 jun 16:42 Svara
  • cenobitedk

    Hey Alexander, ja selvfølgelig, fedt at se dine playlister :-)

    1 jun 13:05 Svara
  • KittensGotClaws

    Hey Alexander you have great taste hugs n kisses thanks for being my friend hugs n kisses from the ......USA nice to meet you Cat

    1 jun 08:42 Svara
  • Mladen_IM


    30 maj 16:59 Svara
  • Bruno-Thrasher

    hahaha saxon makes me want to hit the road on a sunny Sunday. Dude, I was impressed with the number of times u heard Razor.

    30 maj 01:59 Svara
  • Mladen_IM

    thank you for add...Greetings to Bosnia...Nice library ....

    29 maj 22:52 Svara
  • Bruno-Thrasher

    hey man, thanks for accepting. great library

    29 maj 14:47 Svara
  • Profoundemonium

    This Fetid Dank Oasis is another surviving Goetia track. I just noticed it is actually on the reissue but they changed the name to Devil Mayfair (Advocatus Diaboli). I haven't heard most of their new stuff but I will try the new album when it's released.

    20 maj 18:28 Svara
  • Profoundemonium

    Yeah it sounds great from what I've heard so far, I hope they do the same with the other 2 demos. They should have included This Fetid Dank Oasis.

    20 maj 15:39 Svara
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Om mig

Name Alexander Dinesen
Born 29 October, 1993
Country Denmark

Founder and reviewer at

2014: Alabama Black Snakes, Anthrax, Behemoth (x3), Cauldron, Cradle of Filth (x2), Enforcer, Fueled by Fire, Graveyard, Inquisition, Iron Maiden, Obituary, Sepultura, Skull Fist, Steel Inferno (x2), Suicidal Angels (x2), Toxic Holocaust, Triptykon, Twisted Sister, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Volture
2013: Accept, Alice Cooper, Annihilator, Anthrax, Artillery, Battery (x2), Black Sabbath, Blodarv, Bone, Candlemass, Carcass, Carpathian Forest, Deep Purple, DevilDriver, Dr. Living Dead, Engraver (x2), God Seed, Grave, Hell, J.T. Ripper, King Diamond, Legion of the Damned, Megadeth, Mental Coma, Morbid Saint (x2), Motörhead, Newsted, Nightwish, Overkill, Pretty Maids, Radiation, Rammstein, Red Warszawa, Satyricon, Scavenger Brats, Saxon, Testament, Thunder, Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats
2012: Accept, Angelus Apatrida, Anthrax, Artillery (x3), Battery (x3), Bone, Cradle of Filth, D-A-D, Deathstars, Dimmu Borgir, Fueled by Fire, Gorguts, Havok, Immortal, Kreator, Ministry, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Overkill, Rammstein, Red Warszawa (x3), Roarback, Sacred Reich, Saxon (x2), Scorpions, Sepultura, Skeletonwitch, Slayer, Testament, The Cleansing, U.D.O., Warbringer
2011: Artillery, Assassin, Battery, Deicide, Destruction, Exodus, Heathen, Judas Priest, Mortal Sin, Red Warszawa, Sepultura
2010: Battery, Death Angel, Exodus, Kreator, Red Warszawa (x2), Suicidal Angels
2009: AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Rammstein, Red Warszawa, Status Quo
2008: Deep Purple, Downswitch, Johnny Madsen
2005: Rammstein, Slayer
2004: Deep Purple

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