Oooh, what a lovely mediocre review about my beloved band's first EP...


3 apr 2011, 12:09

Hiii everyone.
I am writing this on Mother's Day while my mother is upstairs doing DIY. I don't think she understands the concept of relaxation, although she did very much like her present.

Right, my band Mitford Rebel have had their first review for Mitford Rebel EP, even though it came out like eight months ago or something and we're now working on our first album.

You can read it HERE.
There's a link to download the EP for free on the review itself (although that link will just take you back to our page so I guess there's no point using it while on here!).
I would absolutely love it if you could have a read of the review whilst listening to the EP in question and let me know your thoughts. Think of it as a kind of review of the review.

Red Rose Music Lancs who are responsible for said review are a kind of online Lancashire music blog set up by some UCLAN students.
We're doing an interview with them next week which I personally am now very much looking forward to.

In other musical news, I am obsessed with Anna Calvi, I found The Big Roar pretty good but slightly disappointing, especially after that awesome track they did with Paul Draper out of Mansun.
I have decided against seeing Manic Street Preachers live this time around. After much, much deliberation and pain :(
It's just that they're playing nowhere near me and it'd cost an absolute fortune. I had to let my head rule over my heart this time around.

I can't wait 'til I get my fancy pants copy of The King of Limbs in the post, although the delivery date seems like forever away!! I think the album is excellent. Radiohead will always be very important to me and never fail to excite me.

Festival-wise, I'm off to Kendal Calling with a group of very good friends again this year. The line-up is okay. There's Blondie who I saw at last year's RockNess. They were pretty good apart from the guitarist having clearly lost the plot and the ability to play the riff from Atomic. Deborah Harry is still too cool for school though and her voice is in better nick than I was imagining.
The weekend is bound to be amazing anyway because it's my best mate's birthday on the 31st and it's like the best party ever.

Oh, also I've applied for tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend which is about an hour from me in Carlisle this year. Being able to see Foo Fighters or Lady Gaga would be marvellous but then when I heard The Strokes had been added to the bill I jumped for joy. Is it Sunday they're playing? Anyway, that's pushed whatever day they're playing on into the preferential spot. I hope it's the same day as Gaga because even though Foo Fighters are spectacular live, I have seen them before and I've never been more than a casual fan.

Speaking of The Strokes, I am very pleasantly surprised with Angles which I think is quite excellent and much better than all the reviews I read seemed to suggest.

There we go.
That's why reviews are nonsense even when they've been written by a proper journalist who has a clue.


Cazzie x


  • rwitte

    nice journal writing. It got me to check out your music. I tried The Invisible Girl. I must admit that the intro left me seriously worried that I was not going to enjoy the song. Luckily, I persevered and, by the end, discovered that I had had a really pleasurable audio experience. But it didn't make me want to read the review.

    3 apr 2011, 17:19
  • Chicken_Boosh

    Thanks rwitte! You're not missing much with the review anyway, to be honest.

    4 apr 2011, 10:56
  • redrosemusic

    We appear to have started a debate with our review. Excellent.

    4 apr 2011, 15:18
  • Chicken_Boosh

    Excellent indeed! B)

    4 apr 2011, 15:52
  • redrosemusic

    You say your looking forward to the interview now, why so?

    4 apr 2011, 16:05
  • Chicken_Boosh

    Well, mainly because it's our first ever interview so for that reason alone we were very grateful for it and excited about it. I'm especially looking forward to it now, though, after reading the review. I guess because I wasn't expecting the review and now I think it could make for a much more interesting interview! Mainly because the way my lyrics have come across to you is quite a bit different to the way I was feeling when I wrote them. So yeah...hopefully should make for an interesting chat!

    5 apr 2011, 14:23
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