6 feb 2009, 00:31

    Wed 4 Feb – Late of the Pier

    Such a good gig! Support acts were brilliant! DJ session in between acts was awesome! LOTP played perfectly! Andrew even put my shades I threw on stage on!! plus, whoever put elbow on before the gig is an utter legend!
  • Brilliant

    9 okt 2008, 08:34

    Wed 8 Oct – Elbow

    Absolutely brilliant performance, CD quality playing and Singing, a real achievement, this band deserve so much more fame than what they are getting. All a bunch of nice guys, lead singer Guy could be a part-time comedian if he were ever to take up a different job.
    Support act was nice, always good to hear something different.
    Only dissapointment to the night was a shit heckler, she would not shut the fuck up.