Top Tracks of 2005


3 jan 2006, 23:06

The best tracks of 2005 (In my opinion, I know people won't agree with me) They aren't in any real order, I'm just numbering them to make it easier for me. I'll probably edit it later, as I know I'm forgetting some from the beginning of the year.

1. The Cardigans -

I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer: I still love The Cardigans

2. Emiliana Torrini - Serenade: One of my discoveries this year. I like the whole cd, but this song is my favorite

3. t.A.T.u. - All About Us: The best song they've come out with since All The Things She Said

4. Kate Bush - King of the Mountain: A great return by one of the best artists ever.

5. Kurt Nilsen - Never Easy: I just love Kurt Nilsen. It's one of his best songs.

6. Martina McBride - 'Til I Can Make It On My Own: I great Tammy Wynette cover. It's always been one ofmy favorite Tammy songs (she's one of my mom's favorite singers)

7. Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek: Her masterpiece. I also like Headlock.

8. Miranda Lambert - Bring Me Down: The best ballad she's done so far in her career and in my opinion her best song.

9. Depeche Mode - Precious: Another great return by a great artist.

10. Sugarland - Something More: Probably the best debut in country music this year

11. Sara Evans - A Real Fine Place to Start: The best Sara Evans songs in a long time. I've been a fan hers since 3 Chords and the Truth

12. Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road: This one suprised me. I never liked them until this song came out

13. LeAnn Rimes - Probably Wouldn't Be This Way: The best song she's come out with in a very long time

14. Lee Ann Womack - I May Hate Myself In The Morning: A flawless song by one of the best voices in country music.

15. Rachel Stevens - I Said Never Again (But Here We Are): The best popsong of the year

15. Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten: I liked the whole cd but this was by far my favorite track.

16. Madonna - Hung Up: It samples Abba, you can't go wrong with that

17. Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends: I dont typically like Green Day but this song is very good

18. Rihanna - Pon de Replay: One of the best dance songs of the year

19. Kelly Osbourne - One Word: suprisingly good song since I don't normally like her

20. Cowboy Troy - If You Don't Wanna Love Me: He's one of the most unique arists out right now. This song is the best he's come out with so far, mainly due to Sarah Buxton's vocals on the chorus (question: Does anybody know if this is the same Sarah Buxton that was on Sunset Beach and Bold and the Beautiful? Just wondering)

21. Annie - Chewing Gum: I can't believe I forgot this one. Annie was my favorite for months. I also love Heartbeat and Helpless Fool For Love.

The Most Overplayed Songs of 2005:

1. Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

2. Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes

3. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

4. 50 Cent - Candy Shop

5. Nickelback - Photograph

6. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl


  • giveuptheghost

    If you like those, you should really go get Dangerous and Moving and Come and Get It.

    3 jan 2006, 23:36
  • Carali

    I have Dangerous and Moving but I still need to get Come and Get It.

    3 jan 2006, 23:38
  • supergurg

    mmmmm Imogen!!

    3 jan 2006, 23:57
  • SupaDawg

    Emiliana Torrini . Good choice. I discovered her this year myself. The soft sounds and happy voice make her a true Gen. Good on ya. :)

    4 jan 2006, 00:21
  • JimmyEatWorld

    Hide And Seek is my 2nd favorite song by her. I would've went with Goodnight And Go.

    4 jan 2006, 00:56
  • Carali

    Goodnight and Go is another one of my favorites

    4 jan 2006, 01:29
  • giveuptheghost

    Really? I haven't heard half of them.

    4 jan 2006, 18:15
  • Weirdly

    Perfect list of the most overplayed songs ) I discovered Emiliana Torrini this year as well. My favorites are Thinking Out Loud and Sunny Road. Do you have Love In The Time Of Science by Torrini? And it seems I should check out Imogen Heap =)

    4 jan 2006, 19:52
  • Carali

    I do have Love In The Time of Science. I bought it after I found I liked Fisherman's Woman

    4 jan 2006, 20:28
  • atlanta419

    I love Bring Me Down by Miranda Lambert. And I so agree with you on the overplayed tracks. Although I do love We Belong Together.

    4 jan 2006, 23:38
  • stopkissingme

    hollaback girl can never be overplayed.

    19 feb 2006, 14:59
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