• Time document: 100000 songs played

    7 maj 2010, 19:15

    Last time 25000 plays took eight months - this time it took 19 months. Clearly, I'm listening less to music today (or at least I scrobble less) than I used to.

    1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (previously #1)
    No change since last time.

    2.PJ Harvey (#4)
    There is no growing tired of PJ Harvey. If I'm not in the mood for one of her albums, I'm in the mood for one of the others.

    3. The White Stripes (#2)
    Still getting regular plays, mostly in the Ipod.

    4. The Knife (#3)
    Is there hope now for a new album? I've been pacing myself, willing myself not to listen so much to them that I'll grow tired. Not easy.

    5. Boris(#6)
    I've calmed down somewhat in my Borismania, but they're still one of the bands I listen most to.

    6. Deerhoof (#10)
    They were already the new darlings 25000 listens ago, and they still are. By far the most listened to for the last twelve months, a title which Boris used to hold.

    7. Mogwai (#7)

    8. Pixies (#5)
    I predicted they would start dropping, in particular that they would be overtaken by Boris, Mogwai and Deerhoof. That prediction proved to hold true. I'm sure the descent will continue, but perhaps at a slower pace now as I don't see any immediate challengers charging up the list. And it's not that I'm not listening to the Pixies at all, just not as much as I used to.

    9. Daft Punk (#8)
    I tend to keep a couple of tracks in the Ipod which prevents their descent a bit. Need new material.

    10. The New Pornographers (#9)
    Great, but I tend to listen more to Neko Case on her own these days than in this constellation.

    If I make a list after 125000 plays, I could potentially see Tom Waits, Neko Case, Electrelane, Sonic Youth, Neutral Milk Hotel or Kyuss challenge for one of the top 10 positions - especially the last three feels like they're up for grabs.
  • Time document: 75000 songs played

    23 okt 2008, 14:25

    It took nine months to add 25000 tracks to my charts. Last time, very little had happened, this time all the more, at least in the lower half of the top 10.

    1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (previously #2)
    I feel I almost need to restrain myself and listen to other stuff too. So good.
    2. The White Stripes (#1)
    My interest has waned a little bit, but just a little bit.
    3. The Knife (#3)
    Two good albums isn't enough. I listen to them now and then, but I suspect that with another 25000 plays, PJ Harvey will overtake the Swedish electronic sibling duo.
    4. PJ Harvey (#4)
    Steady. Gets a few plays every week. Found new appreciation for White Chalk which I didn't like much early on.
    5. Pixies (#5)
    Feels like it's just a matter of time before they lose both one and two positions to Boris and Mogwai, and probably Deerhoof soon after as well.
    6. Boris (-)
    Has cannonballed up the chart, by far the most plays the last 12 months.

    7. Mogwai (-)
    Typical me to discover post-rock 5-10 years after everybody else. The new album is great.

    8. Daft Punk (-)
    Feels like they have peaked on my chart and is about to start a slow descent, if there is anything below that can overtake them. Alive 2007 is still a great album, but I'm not listening much to it anymore.

    9. The New Pornographers (-)

    9. Deerhoof (-)

    The top five sat safe in place (except Nick Cave and the White Stripes that switched place), but otherwise it was a big shift - five new bands in positions 6-10. I had predicted that Mogwai and Daft Punk would find their way into the top 10, but I had barely heard Boris by the time I wrote the last time document (2 January 2008) and now they're my sixth most placed artist overall. Deerhoof was also completely unexpected, but I've simply been obsessed by these bands lately. The New Pornographers found their way into the top 10 just in time for me to grow a bit tired of them - can't say for certain that they will fall back out, but if my next update is with 100,000 plays, I feel some band has to find their way up into the top 10, and then it's either them or Daft Punk that will draw the short straw.

    Out since last time: The Hives, Gorillaz, Hello Saferide, Mano Negra, Garmarna.
    Hello Saferide could possibly make a comeback if I like the new album, but otherwise these are bands that will continue to fall down the list. Not sure what bands are coming on strong now - Kaizers Orchestra, Tom Waits, Sonic Youth, Melvins perhaps. God Is An Astronaut, Neutral Milk Hotel, Murder City Devils are moving upwards but have ways to go.
  • Time document: 50000 tracks played

    2 jan 2008, 08:31

    A few things has happened on this list since the last time (30000 tracks), even if the top looks remarkably similar.

    1. The White Stripes 1,031 (previously #1)
    Still on top, but levelling out just a little bit. I don't see them going anywhere.

    2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 1,019 (#3)
    A large catalogue compared to the Knife was enough for Nick Cave to overtake my favorite band.

    3. The Knife 972 (#2)
    I love the Knife, but there's not enough music to go around...

    4. PJ Harvey 913 (#4)
    Has been coming on strong in number of tracks played, even if the position is unchanged. Could well overtake any of the three above if my listening habits doesn't change.

    5. Pixies 633 (#8)
    Has made a small jump since last time. Still, the gap between PJ and Pixies is huge. This is as high as they'll get.

    6. The Hives 568 (#5)
    Second time in a row The Hives lose a spot, and I predict the slow drop will continue.

    7. Gorillaz 545 (#6)
    Hanging in there, but like The Hives, I see a bit of a drop in the cards.

    8. Hello Saferide 536 (#7)
    There's a new album on the way, and expect to see Hello Saferide make a jump in the standings when that is released.

    9. Mano Negra 502 (#10)
    Kind of surprised to see them in the top ten still, but they got a boost when I saw Manu Chao live a few months ago. There's a bunch of bands below on their way to overtake Mano Negra.

    10. Garmarna 483 (new)
    I predicted Garmarna as one of the possible new names on the list, and they turned out to be the only one, making my listening habits seem more conservative than they really are. Most of the movement has been happening further down on my overall list. Bands like Kaizer's Orchestra, Justice, Säkert!, Daft Punk, Mogwai etc have been climbing the list fast, and might all be in the top ten next time I decide to make an update.

    Out since last time: Marit Bergman, previously in #9. The few of her songs I really like are not enough to keep her up.
  • Ups and downs at Accelerator

    1 jul 2007, 17:49

    Deciding to go home to Borlänge for the Peace & Love festival or stay in Stockholm for Accelerator The Big One wasn't entirely easy, but I figured that even if there were a lot of good bands playing in Borlänge, most of them were Swedish and I'll get more opportunities to see them. You never know when The Gossip or Interpol decides to visit Sweden again.

    As far as my expectations were concerned, the festival was heavily front loaded. Almost every band I was really interested in played on the Friday. It ended up being a good thing - I stayed home until it stopped raining and didn't feel bad at all that I missed Frida Hyvönen (for much the same reasons I didn't go to Peace & Love, see above). Got there in time to see Gruff Rhys interesting electronic folk indie. Not sure if I share the prediction that his music will take over the world, but it was alright. I skipped the last song to head over to scene 2 for The Long Blondes, just in time to strike up a conversation with the sound technician when Gruff's final song came to its crescendo. He turned his decibel meter towards the other stage and measured up 105 dB, 150 meters away! That's just ridiculous. Apparently you don't need to play heavy metal to play loud...

    The highlights, as far as I'm concerned:

    Maps - fantastic on the small stage. Live it sounds so different from the studio recordings, much rawer. Awesome percussions, fantastic energy on stage.

    The Gossip - Beth Ditto is an outstanding stage personality. The Gossip deserved a better slot in the schedule.

    CSS - some bands get on stage and strike poses for 60 minutes. CSS come on stage and have a party. Between CSS and Bonde do Role, I'm starting to think we Europeans and Americans need to take a page or two out of the Brazilian playbook. And an L7 cover in Pretend We're Dead!

    Electrelane - Don't know what to say. I felt like I was run over, and I liked it. A lot.
    The Long Blondes - Stylish, tight perfomance, good contact with the crowd. I had never heard them before, but enjoyed the perfomance a lot.

    Jamie T - I was about to give him a miss as it partially coincided with Maps, but I'm glad I swung by the tent scene, because it was so different and so much better than what I had expected (don't ask what I expected...). Billy Bragg cover!

    José González - Not really a fan, but the cover of Massive Attack's Teardrops was great.

    Overall, a jolly good time was had, even if there were a few concerts I would have enjoyed more if I had been in a different state of mind, particularly Interpol (too tired) and Modest Mouse (dunno what was wrong, but this time, they just didn't do anything for me. Maybe I'm not such a fan after all).
  • Boredom fueling the creation of another playlist

    24 apr 2007, 14:33

    Boredom as fuel for creativity

    Long slow day at work, and nothing to do but write. Don’t even have anything in particular to write about, other than to note that it’s a gorgeous spring afternoon, and I wish I wasn’t in a dark office when the sun shines outside.

    I love making up new playlists, and I feel this season deserves its own. Problem is of course, I can’t think of a whole lot of good songs for this season. I’ll list a couple, but I think I need help...

    Hello Saferide – San Francisco
    The Cure – Friday I’m in Love
    Björk – Big Time Sensuality

    So I was thinking, what are your best “spring songs”? And before you ask how I define a spring song, I have no idea. There's no right, no wrong. Just help me out, ok? :)
  • Time document: 30000 songs played

    15 feb 2007, 00:18

    I did a similar entry after I had passed 15000 songs played, though at that time was far less exact, so I really just guessed when I had hit 15000. Hopefully I was more or less correct.

    Here are my top 10 as of right now.

    1. The White Stripes(previously #10)
    The rocket on the list. I really didn't think anyone would pass The Knife and Nick Cave at the top of the list, but I have been listening so much to the White Stripes the last few months.
    2. The Knife (#2)
    Passed Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, but were in turn passed by the White Stripes. For a while I made a conscious decision to not listen so much to the Knife, because I feared I was going to burn out on their terrific music if I heard too much of it. Well, in a sense the plan worked, because I still love both their most recent albums. I used to prefer Deep Cuts, but today I don't think I can pick one over the other. Silent Shout is a brilliant album as well.
    3. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (#1)
    Largely the victim of two obsession, Nick Cave is still among the most played artists in my collection. I've been listening a lot to his recent project Grinderman, which to some degree could explain why he has fallen in the rankings.
    4. PJ Harvey (#3)
    Steady, only passed by Jack & Meg. Been listening a ton to Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, just a great album.
    5.The Hives (#4)
    Again, only the emergence of the White Stripes has changed their position.
    6. Gorillaz (#6)
    I predicted I would listen less to Gorillaz as time went on, but that hasn't really been the case. Both their albums still get a lot of play, and I find myself still liking it almost as much as when I first heard them.
    7. Hello Saferide (new)
    Had started climbing my lists already by the time I made the previous list (in July -06), but not hit the top 10, something I could have predicted if I had been inclined. I love the dark, bitter humour that feels so typical for northern Sweden. I have not heard Annika's new project Säkert, but with glowing reviews, it's only a matter of time before it will be shooting up my charts.
    8. Pixies (#5)
    Have had a bit of a ”slump” as far as my listening goes. It's just a matter of time though before they come climbing back up the chart. I love them too much to let them fall too far on the list.
    9. Marit Bergman (#8)
    The start of a slow but steady decline? I think that may be the case. I still like Marit, but not enough to maintain a top 10 position over a longer period of time I think. When I do the summary at 45000 or 50000, I don't expect Marit Bergman to be on the list anymore.
    10. Mano Negra (#7)
    Like Marit Bergman, I feel that there's a steady decline in the cards. Unless I get a new album to listen to, perhaps.

    Out from the previous list: Marilyn Manson (#9 last time, now #17).
    Prediction: Any out of Regina Spektor, Garmarna, Mando Diao and Röyksopp could well move into the top 10 while Marit Bergman and Mano Negra are likely to drop out. The Good, the Bad & the Queen is a rocket in my charts, but may not be able to get all the way to the top 10 list. A few weeks ago it looked like Peter Bjorn and John might be able to climb all the way to the top 10, but I think I've grown a bit tired of the very good album Writer's Block.
  • Time document: 15000 songs played

    23 jul 2006, 20:43

    I did a compilation like this when I had listened to 5000 tracks, and now at 15000 I figure it's time again. I think my listening habits have changed, more perhaps than what is evident when comparing this list with the one I wrote in April. The changes are in the artists a bit below the top 10, where a lot of new artists appear that I had not yet discovered three months ago. Thank you, ;)

    Anyway, here goes:

    1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - an odd tag behaviour splits my Nick Cave songs into two Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, which explains why they're listed as 2nd and 20th on my overall list. Total, an easy first place.
    2. The Knife - the group I've listened most to the last three months. Deep Cuts is an incredible album.
    3. PJ Harvey - I'm crushing hard on Polly Jean.
    4. The Hives - Awesomeness. Dropped two places, but not because I listen less to them, I just listen to The Knife and PJ Harvey more.
    5. Pixies - Too bloody talented for their own good. I love them to death.
    6. Gorillaz - I've said it before - I have overdosed on Gorillaz, and they might drop further on this list with time.
    7. Mano Negra - I keep trying to find music that sounds like Mano Negra (and Manu Chao, by extension), but they seem to be more or less one of a kind...
    8. Marit Bergman - I feel a little connected to Marit Bergman, having grown up in the same part of the country. Plus I get in such good mood from her songs.
    9. Marilyn Manson - Industrial pop. I love it.
    10. The White Stripes - Oddly enough, I seem to like the "joke" tracks almost more than the serious stuff. Almost.

    And for ease of comparison, what the list looked like after 5000 played songs:

    1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    2. The Hives
    3. Gorillaz
    4. The Knife
    5. Pixies
    6. Thåström (now 12th)
    7. Hedningarna (now 12th)
    8. Mano Negra
    9. Garmarna (now 14th)
    10. The Clash (now 17th)
  • My neighbours, part 2

    5 jun 2006, 01:23

    Previous entry

    I've looked at my neighbours before to see what we really have in common. Another journal I read inspired me to take a look at the top three artists of my closest neighbours and see how they rate for me.


    1. Queen - Not in my top 300
    2. The Hellacopters - Not in my top 300
    3. Iron Maiden - Not in my top 300

    Ouch! Pretty damning. How did we end up closest neighbours??


    1. The Black Keys - 19th
    2. Clutch - Not in my top 300
    3. Soledad Brothers - Not in my top 300

    Better, but still... What's up with this?


    1. Kent - 28th
    2. Pink Floyd - 225th
    3. The Clash - 15th

    Not too bad, really.


    1. Sultans - Not in my top 300
    2. Kent - 28th
    3. Nine Inch Nails - 89th



    1. The Sisters of Mercy - 28th
    2. Switchblade Symphony - 208th
    3. The White Stripes - 13th

    My goth neighbour. ;)


    1. Low - Not in my top 300
    2. Tori Amos - 33rd
    3. PJ Harvey - 6th

    Wow. Do I see one of my top 10 artists? Crazee.

    Something funny is clearly going on with how favorite artists are being weighted in regards to musical neighbourhoods. Where are other fans of my overall top artists? Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds? The Knife? The Hives? And in particular, those odd people who like all those three at the same time?
  • Favorite songs by year

    17 apr 2006, 02:15

    I decided to simply sort my iTunes songs by year, and pick one from each year (and hope that the years listed are correct, because you can be damn sure I'm not going to doublecheck *that*). At the best of my ability I've tried avoiding selecting songs from compilations and "Best Of" type records, but I might have missed some.

    2006: Steady As She Goes
    2005: Feelgood Inc.
    2004: Parliament Square
    2003: You Make Me Like Charity
    2002: The Ballad of Robert Moore and Betty Coltrane
    2001: El Tango de Roxanne
    2000: This Is Love
    1999: Real Folk Blues
    1998: Bongo Bong
    1997: Neighbourhood
    1996: Rusty Cage (Honorable mention to Tori Amos and her Blood Roses, as my favorite non-cover that year)
    1995: Fun for Me
    1994: Alegria
    1993: Another Body Murdered
    1992: Them Bones
    1991: American Music
    1990: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
    1989: Regina
    1988: Where Is My Mind?
    1987: Night Of The Vampire
    1986: Slow Train To Dawn

    (About now it starts to look reeeally thin in the list. For 1985, I have songs by three groups to choose from - Toy Dolls, Sisters of Mercy and The Ramones)

    1985: Marian
    1984: This Is Not a Love Song
    1983: Blue Suede Shoes

    1981: The KKK Took My Baby Away
    1980: Rock'n' Roll High School
    1979: Catholic Girls
    1978: I Wanna Be Sedated
    1977: Pretty Vacant

    1975: Land: Horses / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer (De)

    1973: Money

    1970: Immigrant Song
    1969: Man With a Harmonica

    1967: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    1965: Sound of Silence

    I guess it wasn't a very surprising discovery to see how drastically the quantity of music to choose from dropped the further back in time I went.
  • 5000 songs listened to

    15 apr 2006, 22:34

    I figure I should record this as some kind of time document for the future, to see what I used to listen to the first quarter of 2006, my first time on

    Unfortunately, the backlog has been pretty bad lately, so I will do a little bit of guesswork...

    1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Not surprising at all, and will likely stay in that top position next time I update this as well.
    2. The Hives - Not very surprising either, but could very well be overtaken by some groups in the near future. I'm thinking The Knife in particular, which are skyrocketing.
    3. Gorillaz - I like them a lot, but will probably start to fall down a bit unless there's a new album in the works. I keep listening to them in the car, so I don't feel like listening to them when I get back home.
    4. The Knife - This is conjecture, but I think with the last two weeks spent listening to The Knife as much as I have, they should have hit about 90-100 plays by now. Some of their songs are just amazing.
    5. Pixies - I'll never grow tired of them. At the same time, there's never any obsession either. I'll just keep coming back to them for a song or two.
    6. Thåström - Good stuff on the most recent album, but I think I like his previous work better. Little risk of him dropping on the list either. Here to stay.
    7. Hedningarna - Will probably hover a bit lower than they are right now, but I've listened regularly to the same songs for so long that I don't see myself tiring of them.
    8. Mano Negra - I can't get enough. Only reason they haven't gotten more plays is that I'm rationing the good stuff so I don't grow tired...
    9. Garmarna - Like Hedningarna above. Steady, but might drop a couple of positions.
    10. The Clash - Not that I don't like The Clash, but I honestly don't think I'll keep listening to them at the same rate in the future.