• Two new music sites

    29 dec 2007, 01:41

    Here is an archive with American old blues and jazz recorded from 1895 into the 1930's. Streamable and downloadable. It is amazing- the list goes on and on. From the very obscure to the recordings everyone is likely to recognize.

    Red Hot Jazz

    As far as I can tell, this is a WFMU project. Its a downloadable archive of outsider music, weirdo-ness and miscelaneous sound recordings from the 1950's on. Mainly thriftstore finds, all now conveniently converted to MP3's. The Ortho salesmen singing about selling contraceptives is amazing!!

    365 Days
  • Hello

    25 nov 2007, 15:32

    Hi to me, and anyone else who looks in on this. Lately I have been really into the weirdsville stations. There I have discovered a vast amount of really great music that isn't available here on last. The only problem is that they broadcast in mono and at only 20.7 kbps, which to my ears really flattens out the low base, makes sharps flat, and gives an overall tinny sound. But check it out anyway.