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TutliePulselet 15 apr 23:24
CORONATION BALLGod Be Careful 15 apr 23:21
Mrs BishopThe Way You Love 15 apr 23:17
Born RuffiansOh Cecilia 15 apr 23:14
Rae MorrisSkin 15 apr 23:10
FlorrieSeashells 15 apr 23:07
High-tailsBending Over Backwards 15 apr 23:05
Damien JuradoSilver Timothy 15 apr 23:02
Twin BeastsSweet Marie 15 apr 22:58
WouieUnfold 15 apr 22:55
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  • myhumanholiday

    Yeah, one of the best parts is that the good people on tumblr seem to vastly outnumber the trolls, and the good people will quickly come to the aid of someone who is being attacked. And sorry for this super late reply; I've been scatter-brained because of school and ahhhh stress is awful, haha. Anyway, how are you doing?

    Igår 01:58 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Haha, yeah, some of the people on there get very obsessed with things quickly, which I don't mind usually because I do the same myself. But I hate when they start bashing people in long rants (either people on tumblr or actors/actresses/musicians etc.) because they say they love someone or something so much and they think they're defending it/him/her. Plus, the anonymity of the whole think can cause some people to be really rude for no reason at all other than "oh, you offended a ship that I like," or something similar. I don't know what I'm ranting about, haha. There are people like that everywhere, though... Anyway, any site that can help you learn more about the things that you are passionate about and share those passions with others is a damn good thing. It just sucks when people abuse it, but I think those that abuse it are far outnumbered by awesome people who just want to fangirl and fanboy! haha

    5 apr 02:30 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Yep, and most of the people I follow don't tag their spoilers (if they tag at all). Part of it may be my fault, though, because blocking certain tags just seems like too much work for me anyway, haha. Plus I get paranoid that if I block certain things, I won't get to see some of the things that I would want to see because it would be tagged as a spoiler or as some other tag that I would block. I don't know if that makes sense, haha. I really like the music part of tumblr, as well. I found a lot of bands that I wouldn't have bothered listening to otherwise through tumblr. This site helped with that, too, obviously. But, yeah, tumblr is awesome (when it isn't being insane).

    30 mar 23:45 Svara
  • TheLeonardo

    supporter of anything you know why we're friends and go fine taste which you bring

    25 mar 05:14 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Haha, I haven't been on tumblr for a few months, but yeah, that is an annoying part about it. Even the shows that I don't watch, I always scrolled down really quick because I know I would be tempted to see what the spoilers were. But then I would end up screwed if I ever wanted to watch the show because I would know what happened. It's hard to ignore those spoilers, because it's not like they just say "oh, so and so died." They have to gif them dying 40 different ways and make a bunch of graphics about it so that you're bound to see the spoilers eventually because there's so much of it. But the actors/actresses point is one of the reasons that I love tumblr; it helps you get obsessed with new people and you can easily find a BUNCH of new things with them in it and obsess with other people.

    24 mar 20:48 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Same. I think most people would prefer a show ending early and wanting more than having a show go on too long and end up hating it. At least you still have a show that you love and you don't feel like you're forced to watch. That or you have to watch a show where your favorite character got killed off. That really sucks, too, haha. Freaking Teen Wolf just did that to me... Yeah, and you know that if they're taking a while to air the show, it might mean that they spent more time on it by making it quality rather than rushing it. Haha, they are awesome. :D I change my favorite actors/actresses a lot, though.

    20 mar 22:05 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    That would be crazy to have to run your show like that, with having to make sure that the ending of every episode was conclusive yet open. Amazing how they still managed to make a really good show under the stress of thinking that it might get cancelled. Yeah, it feels awful when you just have to stop watching some of your favorite shows because it seems out of control with a confusing plot. I keep telling myself to go back to the shows I stopped watching because they're bound to get better, but I never do. Haha, that is a good thing about the small number of Sherlock episodes! And the anticipation makes it better, even though it is torture. Ah, I like NPH, Jason Segel, and Amy Adams, too. My favorites are pretty much based off of the tv I watch, haha: Jacob Pitts, Joe Mazzello (hence the avatar), Walton Goggins, Joel Kinnaman, Genevieve Padalecki, Naya Rivera, Lily Rabe, Warren Brown, Idris Elba, Tatiana Maslany, and Theo Rossi. There's a lot more, though, haha.

    16 mar 16:07 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Oh, I didn't know that. It makes sense, though, sense it ended so abruptly with Lindsay leaving. And I agree about shows dragging out and becoming stupid. It sucks when a show is being cancelled after a few seasons, but it's better than it going on longer than it needs to and gets to the point where people feel like they have to force themselves to continue watching it. Since tv shows are stories, there needs to be a logical ending, but it seems like a lot of them just keep the show going by making up stuff that makes no sense. I don't know, haha, I'm just ranting now... Anyway, any favorite actors/actresses? Other than Benedict, of course!

    10 mar 21:34 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    That season was really good because it was really emotional, but there were hilarious parts, too. Yeah, you would think people would watch it at least for the actors, especially Franco, Rogen, and Segel. I think a lot of people must assume that because it was cancelled early, it must not be any good. I enjoy characters over plot, too. A lot of my favorite shows are my favorite because I attach to certain characters (and actors), even when the plot may not be that good.

    2 mar 23:09 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    I cried a lot during Sherlock's speech in that episode, lamely enough, haha. And yeah, I haven't met a lot of people that like Freaks & Geeks, which sucks because that show is amazing and it's only a few episodes so people have time to watch it. If you do watch Teen Wolf, at least for me it did, it may take a few episodes for you to get past some of the cheesiness. I think the reason I enjoy it so much is because I love the characters, even if the story line is embarrassing sometimes, haha. I think if you like Arrested Development, you should like Always Sunny because it's got a lot of dry humor, but it's so very much more offensive which makes it great!

    24 feb 22:35 Svara
  • brotsjor

    Thank you too. Loved your library :)

    20 feb 16:20 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    I think Anderson's version is supposed to be the true one, but they'll probably end up saying something different next season. And I really liked this season, too. The Sign of Three is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Oh, I love Freaks & Geeks! Bill was precious. And I'm in the middle of watching Arrested Development right now and it's hilarious. I want to start Mad Men, but I keep starting different shows and forgetting. The other shows I watch are Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural (I haven't caught up with the current season), Teen Wolf (I know it's lame, haha, don't judge me), Justified, Always Sunny, and recently I've been watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks on YouTube. I watch a lot more stuff though, which is probably why I never get anything done, haha.

    20 feb 01:09 Svara
  • marcodeluke

    Ciao, can I suggest you a band called Unquiet Nights? they are awesome, let me know what you think. Marco

    19 feb 11:26 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Yeah, if he is alive, hopefully they don't just brush off the explanation. This show has been really good with explaining things, so I wouldn't be worried. There will probably still be people who will complain though, haha. They always do! Anyway, what other shows do you watch?

    16 feb 02:55 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Another two-year wait would be awful! I hope that isn't true. And about Moriarty, I feel like they're making us think he's alive so they can watch us speculate about how he survived like we did with Sherlock. But really, someone else is using Moriarty's image to get to Sherlock and that video was filmed before his death, or something. I don't know, haha. I just really want him to be alive because I loved him so much. I'll be so mad if he isn't.

    13 feb 18:49 Svara
  • atwarwithdusk

    Tastes* shit....that's a weird typo

    11 feb 23:51 Svara
  • atwarwithdusk

    Sick tasted amiga.

    11 feb 16:41 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    December? That would be amazing if they started the new season then! I just really want to know whether Moriairty is alive, haha. He's my favorite.

    9 feb 16:35 Svara
  • cottoncandyboy_


    7 feb 06:10 Svara
  • myhumanholiday

    Haha, I know! And every time he looked in the camera... ugh. Yep, Sherlock is awesome! The newest season was really good, so I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next one with the cliffhanger ending and all.

    6 feb 23:51 Svara
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Om mig

I'm a 21-year-old college student and aspiring author. I'm pretty open to any kind of music; I just listen to stuff that's good. I'd say I mostly listen to indie rock and alternative stuff, but I listen to a pretty broad spectrum of genres and I'm always willing to try something new. :)

Things I love: writing, reading, listening to music (of course), drinking coffee, watching animated movies/TV shows, dyeing my hair funny colors, and playing the ukulele. Always feel free to message me and/or leave me a shout ... I love talking to cool people.

Seen live:

The Script
St. Lucia
Matt & Kim
The Shins
Marina & the Diamonds
Ra Ra Riot
The Dirty Projectors
Of Monsters and Men
Young the Giant
The National
Alison Krauss
The Naked and Famous
The Colourist
Fever Charm
Golden Sun

Favorite albums:


Bastille - Bad Blood
Daughter - If You Leave
CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe
Fitz and the Tantrums - More Than Just a Dream
Little Green Cars - Absolute Zero
Lorde - Pure Heroine
Lydia - Devil
MS MR - Secondhand Rapture
The Naked and Famous - In Rolling Waves
Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends
Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob
Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
The 1975 - The 1975
Arcade Fire - Reflektor


Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra - Theatre is Evil
Boy & Bear - With Emperor Antarctica
First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
Marina & the Diamonds - Electra Heart
Metric - Synthetica
Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is an Animal
The Oh Hello's - Through the Deep, Dark Valley
Passion Pit - Gossamer
Regina Spektor - What We Saw from the Cheap Seats
The Shins - Port of Morrow
Walk The Moon - I Want! I Want!


ADELE - 21
Alex Winston - King Con
Boy & Bear - Moonfire
Bronze Radio Return - SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials
The Jezabels - Prisoner
Lights - Siberia
Sleeper Agent - Celabrasion


Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Fitz and the Tantrums - Pickin' Up The Pieces
Gregory And The Hawk - Leche
Marina & the Diamonds - The Family Jewels
The Morning Of - The Way I Fell In
The Naked and Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You
Young the Giant - Young the Giant


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Up From Below
Florence + the Machine - Lungs
Freelance Whales - Weathervanes
Lights - The Listening
Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
Passion Pit - Manners
Tegan and Sara - Sainthood
30 Seconds to Mars - This Is War


ADELE - 19 (2008)
The Airborne Toxic Event - The Airborne Toxic Event (2008)
Arcade Fire - Funeral (2004)
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2007)
Holy Roman Empire - The Longue Duree (2007)
The Killers - Hot Fuss (2004)
The Killers - Sam's Town (2006)
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (2006)
My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998)
The Script - The Script (2008)
Lydia - Illuminate (2008)
Tegan and Sara - The Con (2007)
This Will Destroy You - Young Mountain (2006)
Vanessa Carlton - Harmonium (2004)
Vanessa Carlton - Heroes and Thieves (2007)

*I know it's a random cut-off, but when I made a list I found that not many of my favorite albums were from before 2009––probably because that was the year I joined :)

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