• Headache and how to make it go away

    23 nov 2007, 22:18

    It's been one of those days that just feel so heavy. I had a short and uncomfortable sleep. Then I had to ride a bus too many times in only one day. ...and they're always full! It's nice that at least it was a sunny day, but since it's winter and the streets are wet, and Sun is low all the time, my eyes and forehead started feeling it a bit too strong halfway through the day. So, I'm having a headache since i got up and as the day dragged on, it just got worse. Around 9 pm I finally got home and my head is killing me.
    I made myself a cup of coffee, and then I sat and played some Mike Oldfield. And slowly, it just went away. I was in a trance. It felt so good. I started with To France, then Women of Ireland, Ommadawn, Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings and all those great songs. There's so many of them, and yet, they are all beautiful and different from one another. I can tell you, he is the cure! :)
    His music is the ultimate harmony. It's so beautiful, so relaxing and it deffinitely takes you away.

    Tnx, Mike! :)