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Kym SimsToo Blind To See It 2000 (Tactical Remix) 19 jul 00:10
Shola AmaImagine 19 jul 00:05
Floating PointsVacuum Boogie 18 jul 23:53
mssingNoXE3 18 jul 23:31
mssingNoXE3 18 jul 23:31
mssingNoSkeezers 18 jul 23:28
mssingNoSkeezers 18 jul 23:28
Terrence ParkerPure Disco 18 jul 21:45
Terrence ParkerEmancipation of My Soul 18 jul 21:40
mssingNoXE2 18 jul 21:30
Terrence ParkerReal Love (From The Heart) 18 jul 20:48
Terrence ParkerPlay-Ah Hate-Ah (Original Mix) 18 jul 20:37
Terrence ParkerYou Can Do It 18 jul 20:32
Terrence ParkerRomancing Da Drum (Tp's Back 2 Nature Mix) 18 jul 20:26
Terrence ParkerA Taste Of Heaven 18 jul 20:23
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  • dancekevin

    Must be nice, I stopped trying to show friends music because it's too "weird" for them. I never watched the first Mushishi, else I would've been watching it. Ping Pong's also my favourite so far. Very unique and interesting, just watched the second episode. I do, it's the same username as my but i haven't updated it in over a year, so there's a lot that's not on it.

    17 apr 23:44 Svara
  • dancekevin

    Yeah, that type of metal (i guess some people call it hipster metal?) is pretty much the only type I ever listen to these days. I can imagine. But at least you actually have friends that listen to interesting music. Most of my friends only listen to what's on the radio. Not bashing radio music, some of it is cool, but you get what i mean. Yeah I am, as do you with the Tatami avatar. I am, but nothing is really appealing to me..except Ping Pong and Isshukan Friends. How about you?

    17 apr 06:50 Svara
  • BigSimo

    Spirit Agent as in hip hop and Sora as in glitch? (just searched for them, wanted to make sure I had the right ones)

    15 apr 10:10 Svara
  • dancekevin

    I went through a soul phase, around last year, but after that I haven't really listened to much of it at all. I think i'm lacking in a lot of electronic music too. There are too many genres, and i haven't taken the time to get to know them all. Used to be into metal but i guess I "grew out" of it? Tried to get back into it doesn't really do much for me anymore.

    15 apr 02:24 Svara
  • BigSimo

    yes, and it is awesome. also feel free to recommend me ANYTHING at all. if you really love something and want to share it with someone, i will gladly listen. that is all.

    10 apr 07:54 Svara
  • dancekevin

    What other genres do you listen to, other than emo/skramz/hardcore? Just saw your Dilla plays.

    8 apr 23:48 Svara
  • dancekevin

    So far i've checked out Akutagawa and 1000 Travels of Jawaharl, they're both great. I particularly like Akutagawa's post-rock influenced sound.

    4 apr 04:52 Svara
  • dancekevin

    Yeah man, i'm always looking for new music, any recs? Especially stuff like sora or Heaven in her Arms, i'm severely lacking in the emo/skramz department.

    28 mar 01:46 Svara
  • dancekevin

    great taste yo.

    24 mar 00:12 Svara
  • toku_2

    Sorry. I have no answar. The band apart have many many color, becouse they have no color.

    18 feb 21:15 Svara
  • waveclimber

    Sorry for not replying sooner, I was feeling lazy. You like Cap'n Jazz, so you probably like emo. Check out Waste Yrself by Teen Suicide, I can honestly say I enjoy every song on that album. You should also check out Alex Calder - Time. It came out last year and imo it's pretty great. I think you'll enjoy it because he is similar to Mac, Beach Fossils, and Wild Nothing. It makes sense because he is signed to the same label and he was also in a band with Mac before they parted ways. I'll save you some time searching for it, my favorite track off of that EP is Suki and Me.!mdEARTDZ!2-YWYNEpypeOOXlG9_7vvoxAgXP50z1CA4TbHbW4Wrc This week I have been listening to a lot of Surf Curse. They're a lo-fi surf rock band. I don't know if you're a fan of that style, but if you are check out Buds. Great tracks with infectious hooks. Let me know what you think!

    15 feb 23:21 Svara
  • BoysKissingBoys

    damn straight son twinkle shit my jam namsayin

    15 feb 03:21 Svara
  • realfuckingnito

    Yeah, emo and slowcore are my two goto genres for the most part but I'll honestly listen to anything if it sounds good to my ears.

    14 feb 20:42 Svara
  • realfuckingnito

    Thanks breh, I don't run into any people who listen to them so good shit dude.

    14 feb 20:34 Svara
  • realfuckingnito

    But anon you have such a good taste of music, how do you not have a gf?

    14 feb 20:16 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    I tried to fix that problem with the url stuff three times and it keeps screwing up. Don't know what to do.

    14 feb 16:32 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    Cool stuff. Only don't know Spiral Chord that much. So, do you like Japanese music in general or the emo stuff? Either way is cool. My favourite Japanese emo stuff is probably the cabs, Eastern Youth, This Time We Will Not Promise And Forgive, cofun and Akutagawa. All time favourite emo band is Pirouette[/url nofollow=yes]. Scotty Leitch's stuff makes me so happy. That album and Light Red Pez/Acrobat, especially. Yes! That's the blog I was talking about! A buttload of neat things on there.

    14 feb 16:31 Svara
  • Jayhrdn

    My library has alotta single plays, ah well. Besides anything in the top 10 charts, try out: Post-Data, Scorpio Rising, Boom Bap Catalog.

    14 feb 05:43 Svara
  • OhManItsReverie

    Dang. I remember this blog I bookmarked that had all of these crazy obscure Japanese emo and screamo bands. Too lazy to look through my bookmarks right now, since I'm gonna see some friends and my girlfriend. Also, what is your favourite Japanese emo band? Or, emo in general.

    14 feb 00:05 Svara
  • Evrodust

    vein maybe :3

    13 feb 07:46 Svara
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