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  All-Conquering The World's Destruction (46 låtar)
Various Artists
Taggad juli 2013
Bloopmongler1:33 Taggad september 2012
BloopmonglerI Wish I Was From Tauranga Taggad september 2012
  死者の餌 Taggad juni 2012
  ZEROFICATION Taggad juni 2012
  Markus Hartman Taggad juni 2012
BloopmonglerSquare Wave Taggad mars 2012
BloopmonglerJan February Taggad februari 2012
  Cinderguile Taggad januari 2012
  Nanocreep (GOD082) (9 låtar)
Taggad januari 2012
  Diabolos EP (5 låtar)
Taggad december 2011
  Nick Blessing Taggad december 2011
  ionola Taggad december 2011
  Arisu The Bullhead Taggad november 2011
  The Post Apocalyptic Project Taggad november 2011
  Stress Cadet Taggad oktober 2011
BloopmonglerWhy Does It Always Sound Like My Neighbours Are Dropping Giant Beads? Taggad oktober 2011
  Mindfuckingboy Taggad augusti 2011
Dead Kid HarvesterScab Made Out Of Faeces Taggad juli 2011
FalsewanderHomunculus Taggad juli 2011
FalsewanderBionic Ants Taggad juli 2011
FalsewanderThrenody for the fallen architect Taggad juli 2011
FalsewanderThat familiar elevator tune Taggad juli 2011
  5 Dozen Bite-Sized Sonic Sculptures (12 låtar)
Doug Sharp
Taggad juni 2011
  Fetus Productions Taggad juni 2011
  Slingshot Candy Taggad juni 2011
  Tongue Muzzle Taggad juni 2011
  Sektor 304 Taggad juni 2011
  Richard There Taggad maj 2011
  Geoffrey Orbegoso Taggad april 2011
  Doug Sharp Taggad april 2011
BloopmonglerBag Vacuum Taggad april 2011
BloopmonglerBaked Beans Taggad mars 2011
Dead Kid HarvesterSleep Taggad mars 2011
Dead Kid HarvesterChronic Halloween Syndrome Taggad mars 2011
Agnostic Asylum(First Phone) As you take the first bite out of the jingle it will levitiate you… Taggad februari 2011
  Marc Broude Taggad januari 2011
  E+E (2 låtar)
Taggad januari 2011
SplattertronT+D Taggad januari 2011
SplattertronE+E Taggad januari 2011
esion vuleFaith Leash Taggad oktober 2010
esion vuleI Watch Beastiality Taggad oktober 2010
  Nurse With Wound Taggad oktober 2010
FalsewanderMonopoly Taggad oktober 2010
Earth Rodmeating Taggad oktober 2010
Earth Rodlaugh Taggad oktober 2010
Earth Rodunresist Taggad oktober 2010
  Full Fucking Moon Taggad september 2010
BloopmonglerCock Raven Taggad september 2010
BloopmonglerOde To Audiosurf Taggad september 2010
FalsewanderI Dreamt that my Cat Died Taggad juli 2010
  studio typewriter Taggad juni 2010
  Subterrestrial Taggad juni 2010
  Bleak on Saturday Taggad april 2010
  Sequences Taggad april 2010
  The Antiquarian's Daughter
Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderRoswell Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderThe Playground Älskad låt Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderSharks in Space Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderBrutal Will Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderMelissa's Blood Fetish Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderRhamnusia Taggad april 2010
  Plague Doctor
Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderThe Antiquarian Pt. II Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderYersinia Pestis Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderBird-Beaked Gods Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderThe Resonance of Laughter in a Valley of Cadavers Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderAnd All were Thrown in Ditches and Covered with Earth Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderA Black Cloud Rises Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderFalling Flowers Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderThe Gods Will Burn Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderManjushage Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderVisceral Rites Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderQualms and Tribulations of the Relentless Army Taggad april 2010
  Murmurists Taggad april 2010
  Suchata from Soton Born Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderThe Rise of Haine Akyros Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderChronomentrophobia Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderThe Cave Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderSong of a Thousand Cicadas Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderEncroaching Darkness Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderFalse Awakening Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderThe Call of Madness Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderMalevolent Taggad april 2010
FalsewanderCry of the Industrial Maiden Taggad april 2010
odaxelagniaJAPSHITFUN Is Dead Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaLove Song Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaI Love Disco Polo Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaBasement Rape Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaStayin Alive (noise version) Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaTornado Bathroom Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaThe Hands Resist Him Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaIndustrial Assault Taggad mars 2010
  Music Sucks. (10 låtar)
Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagnia21 Questions (ambient mix) Taggad mars 2010
  Dark Corners vol. 2 (7 låtar)
Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaGameboy Camera (dark speedcore remix) Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaEmpty Spaces Taggad mars 2010
odaxelagniaSyneideses (remix) Taggad mars 2010