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Skrobblar från foobar2000
Cannibal CorpseA Cauldron Of Hate Lyssnar nu
Cannibal CorpseTo Decompose 3 minuter sedan
Cannibal CorpseScalding Hail Älskad låt 5 minuter sedan
Cannibal CorpsePriests of Sodom 8 minuter sedan
ImpietySkullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell 13 minuter sedan
ImpietyDiabolical Witching Aggression 19 minuter sedan
ImpietyIronflames of Hate 25 minuter sedan
ImpietyNocturnized 29 minuter sedan
ImpietyTorment In Fire 35 minuter sedan
ImpietySocerique Baphostorms 40 minuter sedan
ImpietySodomythical Frostgoats 44 minuter sedan
ImpietyLords of Apokalypse 51 minuter sedan
GoratoryMutilate Remodified 55 minuter sedan
GoratoryYour Mutha's A Lazy Eyed Chow Bearing Slut, But I Fucked Her Anyway 59 minuter sedan
GoratoryHang em and Bang em 1 timme sedan
GoratoryFuckhole 1 timme sedan
GoratoryWhose Spine Is It Anyways 1 timme sedan
GoratoryHeadie Mung Festizzeo 1 timme sedan
Goratory8 Seconds of Fury 1 timme sedan
GoratoryRice on Suede 1 timme sedan
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  • Selfsurprise

    :0 mah feelingz, they r hurted... ;p (I hope you feel inspired by my unwarranted shameless plug to nominate and/or vote)

    14 mar 12:02 Svara
  • Selfsurprise

    Forgive this blatantly undisguised bit of spam, but I thought you might be interested to know that I'm currently running a competition on my thread of H O R R O R in which users can nominate scary images (as well as their own creations) for the chance to win a book full of ye olde demon illustrations :D If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, please click the following link for details;

    12 mar 17:31 Svara
  • NakedChaos

    Thank YOU...;)

    27 feb 14:11 Svara
  • Kennoth

    I checked them out, and you're right, they do sound like Draconian, a lot. I heard "Ascending in Triumph" and "Suffer". Good stuff, I'll definitely listen to them more. By the way, I noticed you don't have any Disembowelment, so here's another recommendation from me:

    27 feb 00:18 Svara
  • Kennoth

    I'm familiar with Tristania, though never heard of Nox Aurea. I'll definitely check them out.

    26 feb 00:48 Svara
  • Kennoth

    Oh you definitely should, at least their early doom stuff, like Brave, I think it would go well with your current doomy listening habits ;) No problem, I like sharing good music. Feel free to drop me a recommendation as well if you have any.

    24 feb 10:03 Svara
  • Kennoth

    Yeah, just like you say, things can always be worse. Murphy's Law in effect. Well, I have a pulse, so that means I'm alive I guess. I noticed you don't have any Katatonia in your library. How come?

    24 feb 07:49 Svara
  • Kennoth

    Thanks for adding. How's it going?

    24 feb 02:33 Svara
  • yubisakibijin

    Thanks! You seem quite downbeat about a lot things, so please don't let it get on top of you.

    23 feb 22:23 Svara
  • yubisakibijin

    You said on the forum you were looking for friends (^‿◕)

    23 feb 22:08 Svara
  • jellybeanery

    Thanks :)

    23 feb 06:52 Svara
  • jellybeanery

    Oh, it sure is helpful :) And thanks. I'm pretty tired though- I have been awake since 5:30am so I'm about to jump in bed. But if for some reason I lied, and couldn't sleep, lol, I'll be back!!

    23 feb 06:43 Svara
  • jellybeanery

    Yeah, I been popping in and out of these threads since I joined but I've been here much more frequently lately. Losing friends and such... depressing stage of my life, but this helps. When I'm not at work, this is where I am. I'm glad whatever weird things I may have said made you smile, I seem to have that effect on people, lol! Oh and I tend to ramble in the form of typing. So consider yourself warned :3

    23 feb 06:30 Svara
  • jellybeanery

    Yeah, I get that. I don't have a social life except for on these forums and groups. I have met some pretty awesome people. I'm here like, all day every day just about, so I'm sure we'll run into each other often, lol!

    23 feb 06:15 Svara
  • jellybeanery

    Ohh, thanks for the add. I normally only accept friendships of medium and higher, but you seem like a cool dude :D

    23 feb 06:09 Svara
  • terential

    Hey there, and nice charts! You might like the debut EP from blackened drone/dark ambient duo Synsophony. FREE DOWNLOAD

    31 okt 2013 Svara
  • DisruptorDM

    Sometimes i'm wondering how you find time to listen such insane amount of music per day ? :)

    21 sep 2013 Svara
  • jakeinfinitedef

    Brutal greetings. Come like the official Infinite Defilement page and check out the BRAND NEW TRACK and other brutal stuff. \m/

    17 aug 2013 Svara
  • NordHeim2

    sir do you have a Facebook account?

    14 maj 2013 Svara
  • Lightfox177

    of course i am, well I try to upload music that haven't been uploaded before and practically all Elffor material is up. But you can find some tracks on my atmospheric compilations

    2 feb 2013 Svara
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