• whatever....

    23 maj 2006, 13:24

    So I spent the day listening to music...... and keeping a close eye on my stats... it only went up by ONE in the past 8 hours, and I've listened to well over 200 songs..

    Also for the charts... They totally ripped me off. The charts from the last week (not the new one) had 8 new bands listed.. none of them were listed when the page updated with the NEW weekly list... so... 1100 songs were not added in fairly.. but rather skipped over. also that's an ODD number to randomly land on... 1100 tracks... is that the limit of songs i can listen to per week or what?
  • Resetting Stats..

    29 mar 2006, 09:04

    I don't care.. I left a few CDs on repeat, as well as a few songs.. I didn't -really- listen to something 140 times in a row in a day... Also I was sick of seeing errors in ID3 Tags, Mainly ID3v1, that I should have corrected.. some artist/track names do not fit the whole way..

    "who cares? it's just music"
    I care.. :D stfu..
    I'd rather have something I can show to represent me.. Yes I know mistakes can be made.. but not 140 times in one day due to me not being here.. that's not a pretty oops.. especially when the other artists would take a few months to catch up to it..
    Blah Blah Blah.. oh well.... There's my reason.. ;)

    OH.. ALSO.. I didn't have ALL of my music tagged, I'll have no excuses now.
  • ew.. damn it

    16 dec 2005, 07:25

    I hate when people that ID music fuck up, and I don't catch it until it's already listed.. :(