United 93 Memorial Video!


1 maj 2009, 10:48

A fantastical and great new soundtrack musical video to ( ) memory of tragedy. Media composer was, Yr. Robert Lalkovits - Axone . This is a forever living and it will be always remaining theme. Robert's creation, in this theme now , he was unique again. This is the media productions with wonderful music, he opened it is a bizarre and strange dimensions. This creation , it contains an unexceptionable impressionist forces of nature. The media with music and original voices and sound effects is a really weird story.

An hungarian article about this:

Axone's wrote to video:

"This is sensed by me, but an inconceivable mysterious music and sound messages from the afterlife , where they arrived..."

... I to someone there, I am feeling it, is not its soul of place (her/his) and senses wanted something, through me, with us... It was feeling then weird...

...My cognitions and visions are ghastly and cold sweat running down my back, when I produced and to heared those media creations an next or another day it !!!!!!

United Airlines 93 (They were forever free)



United States

Axone's video

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  • MsRecords

    Great productions,will be promoting!

    2 maj 2009, 09:40
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