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Eller se vad alla andra har taggat post-rock

  The Ascent Of Everest Taggad december 2010
  Souvenir's Young America Taggad juli 2010
  The Samuel Jackson Five Taggad april 2010
  Stars of the Lid Taggad mars 2010
  Don Caballero Taggad augusti 2009
  Battle Of Mice Taggad mars 2009
  Across Tundras Taggad mars 2009
  Jesu Taggad december 2008
  Minsk Taggad oktober 2008
  Windmills by the Ocean Taggad oktober 2008
  Red Sparowes Taggad september 2008
  Mouth of the Architect Taggad september 2008
  Explosions in the Sky Taggad september 2008
  This Will Destroy You Taggad juli 2008
  Sigur Rós

(1994 – nuvarande)

Taggad juni 2008
  Pelican Taggad mars 2008
  Mono Taggad oktober 2007
  A Silver Mt. Zion Taggad oktober 2007
  65daysofstatic Taggad oktober 2007

Glasgow, Skottland (1996 – nuvarande)

Taggad juli 2007
  Battles Taggad juli 2007
  Godspeed You! Black Emperor Taggad juli 2007
  God Is An Astronaut Taggad juli 2007