• Act of contrition

    26 jun 2012, 11:37

  • Moozick quiz

    22 jan 2009, 19:43

    A- Favorite ARTIST:

    B- Favorite BAND:
    Gossip/Girls Aloud

    C- Best CONCERT you attended:
    Madonna - Sticky and Sweet

    D- Favorite DUET:
    Temptation - Jarvis Cocker and Beth Ditto

    E- Most EMBARASSING cd you've owned:

    F- FIRST record, tape or cd you remember buying:
    Can't remember...

    G- Do you own any band GEAR or shirts?
    Loads of tshirts... Klaxons, the Teenagers, Gossip, Madonna, Spice Girls, CSS, Kate Nash..

    H- Are you HAPPY with the current music scene?
    No complaints from me.

    I- Do you play any INSTRUMENTS?
    Not particularly.

    J- Are you JUDGED based on your music taste?
    All the time!

    K- Have you ever sang KARAOKE?
    Not really.

    L- What genre of music do you LIKE best?
    I honestly like everything and anything that isn't over produced, mass manufactured or sexist/racist/homophobic.

    M- Ever been in a MOSH pit?
    Oh jesus, yes.

    N- NAME your favorite song:
    I couldn't possibly pick. My top 3 are Munich - Editors, Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack and Erotica - Madonna.

    O- Most OVERRATED band or singer:
    Possibly Radiohead.

    P- Ever have backstage PASSES?
    Nope. I've had Beth Ditto's arse on my face though.

    Q- Do your friends QUESTION your taste in music?
    Not particularly. Some of them think Madonna should put her fadge away, but I'd have to agree.

    R- What are you listening to RIGHT now?
    Some Lily Allen remix.

    S- Favorite SINGER of all time:
    Purely based on vocals... I don't know. Adele? That's a bit of a cop out. I don't know.

    T- What do you think of TECHNO music?
    Not for me.

    U- Do you USUALLY sing in the shower?
    If there's no one else in the house.

    V- What was your VERY first concert attended?
    Spice Girls! Wembley Stadium, last date of their world tour.

    W- What concert do you WISH to attend in the future?
    P!nk and Girls Aloud. ALREADY GOT TICKETS.

    X- What song makes you (e)XCITED?
    We Still Kill The Old Way - lostprophets

    Y- Are YOU a member of any fan clubs?
    Not anymore :(

    Z- Which music genre do you wish you could ZAP from existance?
    I think as long as there are people who enjoy it, no music genre should be 'zapped' from existence.
  • And it feels like home.

    13 sep 2008, 19:08

    Thu 11 Sep – Madonna, Paul Oakenfold

    On Thursday night, I the pleasure of attending the greatest concert of my life, so far. Never before have I witnessed two hours of such undiluted perfection, so much flawless choreography, epic performances and awe-inspiring energy concentrated in one hundred and twenty minutes. I don't think I need to name the woman I paid £86 to share oxygen with, but for those fools who happened to come across this blog and still don't have a clue, I was standing around 25 metres in front of Madonna Louise (Veronica, when she feels like it) Ciccone-Ritchie.

    What follows is the vain attempt to describe as accurately as possible the experience in words. An epic feat in itself.

    Bursting on to the stage in a flurry of candy-lathered video screen effects, Madonna entered the stadium much the same way she did on the Hard Candy Promo Tour earlier on this year. When I heard this, I was disappointed as it seemed she was just being lazy... however, you do have to see it for yourself to appreciate the feeling you get when you watch that video screen turn around, and you know who's going to be sitting on glittering throne on the other side. It is at this moment that the video screens actually show their flexibility and the extent of their kinetics, separating and merging with others seemingly at will.

    Wizzing through "Candy Shop", seguing into the flawless "Beat Goes On", she picked up the guitar for the first non-Hard Candy song of the night, "Human Nature". Yes, the performance could have been better if she had just been Madonna and not played heavy metal to a hip-hop based song, but the performance was still brilliant, heavily helped by the percussion arrangement and the fantastic Britney-starring video screens. It was a thrill to see Miss Spears defiantely proclaim "Express yourself, don't repress yourself", and the screams from the crowd at the "It's Britney, bitch" which ended the video gave me shivers. Next was the song I have been waiting two years to see live - "Vogue". Clamouring for my phone at the end of "Human Nature" to ring my boyfriend, the entire performance is a complete blur. I've been watching YouTube videos and it's hard to comprehend how perfect that performance is. Again, shivers in the bridge when Madonna reverted to the original dance piano riff instead of the "4 Minutes" sample which carried the majority of the song, admittedly working quite well with the 1990 beats and lyrics.

    Madonna left the stage, and immediately a boxing ring rose to the stage at the end of the
    catwalk. Clips from the stunning tour programme photoshoot (see earlier Shiny & New posts for jizzness) were broadcasted to a breathtaking remix of "Die Another Day", serving as a majestic backdrop to two dancers acting a choreagraphed boxing match. Round 13, it would seem. As quick as she left the stage, she re-appeared for a fantastic re-invention of "Into the Groove", featuring Keith Haring artwork on the screens and cleverly utilising samples of Cassius' 2005 dance hit "Toop Toop", and Madonna's own "Jump". Watching a fifty year old woman jump into a double dutch skipping rope, jump back out and sing a twenty two year old song as if it was last week's number one was a sight to be remembered. "Heartbeat", the first album track since "Beat Goes On", was enhanced with heavier bass and synth, and served as a welcome predecessor to the next song, a heavy metal version of 1982's "Borderline". Admittedly, it was a likeable re-invention, and I actually prefer it to the original. She forgot the words to the second verse, but recovered quickly and just repeated the first verse without giving a fuck. Classic Madge.

    It was pleasantly surprising to see how well the Hard Candy tracks fitted with the old songs Madonna performed. One crack in the perfection that was the Confessions Tour was the uneasiness with which Madonna performed her classics between Confessions tracks - the entire bedouin section was disjointed and a bit loose to me, while the only section I enjoyed from start to finish was the final one - in which one out of five songs was from Confessions. The tracks flowed seamlessly into older tracks, and vice versa. An excellent example is "She's Not Me", which was a crowd pleaser due to the use of iconic Madonna clips and images on the video screens, and Madonna's four female dancers dressing up as old Madonnas while being attacked by new Madonna. The song itself had a fantastic vibe live - while Confessions songs were more effective in studio form, Hard Candy songs truly came alive in live performances, while their studio counterparts are more lacklustre.

    Other highlights included a feisty rendition of "LA ISLA BONITA" - while a re-hash of last year's Live Earth performance, itself a re-hash of the previous year before that's Confessions Tour version, it was a brilliant crowd pleaser and the energy was unbelievable -, a spine-tingling performance of "You Must Love Me", and of course, the stand out track in entire set list, "Like a Prayer". While the most popular Madonna song anyway, the live performance was something else entirely. When the lights went down after segment opener "4 Minutes" finished, immediately, religious imagery and symbols were broadcasted from the video screens, sitting alongside green and blue lasers, while the circular LED cage above the catwalk lit up in flames. Heavily sampling early 90s rave anthem "Don't You Want Me" and it's descendant, 2004's "Feels Like Home", the crowd eagerly lapped it all up. With a backdrop of a mixture of apocalyptic and inspiring religious imagery, Madonna truly belted out her finest song in a performance which paid it's respects to it's 1989 original. In my opinion, this should have been the finale song, but whatever. Another highlight was the absolutely sublime "Devil Wouldn't Recognise You", performed from within the LED cage, on top of a piano being played by a Timbaland-lookalike, who actually surpassed the stunning album arrangement. "Ray of Light" thundered through the stadium, defying anyone to sit down, and the token Madonna political statement interlude video, "Get Stupid" bought boos and cheers in equal amounts from the crowd faced with imagery of Hitler and Barack Obama alongside Bob Geldof and Oprah Winfrey to enigmatic excerpts from "Beat Goes On". Only Madonna.

    I don't think I'll see a concert like it, that is until I see her next tour. Many were worried Sticky and Sweet wouldn't surpass Confessions, due to Confessions easily being her finest tour of all time - perfect in possible way. Yes, Blond Ambition was flawless. Yes, the Girlie Show was visually stunning. Yes, Drowned World was her most artistic. But Confessions was art - and no, Sticky and Sweet doesn't surpass it, but I think it is just as good. I think Madonna knew she couldn't top Confessions, so she put her energy into changing exactly what she gave her fans, but at the same level of elegance, and mind-blowing effort.

    Aside from the nightmare of trying to leave the stadium afterwards, and not actually getting back to my hotel until 4am, the concert was perfect. I completely got my money's worth, and reading other reports, I'm ecstatic I was standing and not sitting in the higher tiers.

    Madonna performed;

    * Candy Shop
    * Beat Goes On
    * Human Nature
    * Vogue
    * Die Another Day - Video Interlude
    * Into the Groove
    * Heartbeat
    * Borderline
    * She's Not Me
    * Music
    * Rain - Video Interlude
    * Devil Wouldn't Recognise You
    * Miles Away
    * Spanish Lessons
    * La Isla Bonita
    * Doli Doli - Dancers Interlude
    * You Must Love Me
    * Get Stupid - Video Interlude
    * 4 Minutes
    * Like a Prayer
    * Ray of Light
    * Hung Up
    * Give It 2 Me

    9/10. Easily.
  • Wow

    8 dec 2007, 00:51

    Fri 7 Dec – Cansei de Ser Sexy, Justice, Metronomy

    Fucking awesome, in two words.

    The support; Metronomy and Justice provided the best support acts I have ever seen for a band, ever - and you struggle to top No Bra for The Gossip.
    Metronomy played an awesome set and really got the crowd going, while Justice could have easily been the main act - the crowd went absolutely mental for them and their stage set was one of the best I have seen for a band of that size. I want that fluorescent cross in my bathroom.

    The main act; I first heard about CSS about a year ago, after hearing Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above on a friend's phone, and then as I listened to more and more I bought the album in February. I managed to catch them at Leeds Festival 2007, and they were one of the highlights of the weekend - watching them was like being at an amazing party.

    So I had to get a ticket when they came to Birmingham. They did not disappoint. I was on the front in the dead centre, and I'll feel the aching ribs tomorrow to prove it. The stage was fucking brilliant, they put so much effort into dressing it and making it all Christmassy. The set was a stormer; all of the hits of their album (quite a few), and around four new ones. I don't think they played any covers. They kept the crowd enraptured for the whole set, and were definitely worth it. I'd go again tomorrow if I could. They were exactly what I saw at Leeds - one big party - but on a much more intimate scale, and with tinsel!

    Loved it.

    Set List -
    CSS Suxxx
    Fuck Off Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show
    Beautiful Song
    This Month, Day 10
    Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
    Meeting Paris Hilton
    Give Up
    Off the Hook
    Reggae All Night
    Jager Yoga
    Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above