• Wulapalooza 2012

    27 apr 2012, 18:02

    Sat 21 Apr – Wulapalooza 2012

    That summer festival you always dreamed of.
  • M83 with Active Child

    14 nov 2011, 22:36

    Fri 11 Nov – M83, Active Child

    I showed up two hours early because the show had sold out so I was waiting in line to buy tickets from the box office. There were about 20-30, the line was pretty short when I showed up and it was cash only so I lucked out. My girlfriend and a friend of hers also went and we bought our tickets and proceeded to wait in the glorious raining Portland weather. Anticipation was building up as we could hear the sound check of the drums and samples being played.

    Active Child was so great. The vocals were twice as good live than on the studio releases, but a large amount of the crowd was ignoring them, talking over them and some were quietly making fun of him which bothered me. The vocals and harp were good.
    Favorite live song: Take Shelter

    M83 was phenomenal. They intensified their songs greatly and there was so much passion in their performance. In songs that have just subtle climaxes or even large explosions of synth, guitar and/or drums, it was performed with an extreme amount of energy. Just by watching, you can tell they were enjoying themselves. Anthony's thick french accent was pretty cute though and I'm not even attracted to men. There were times when Anthony and Morgan Kibby would both be on keyboard, looking at each other, dancing and smiling. They played a majority of their/his recent release (and of course everyone peed their pants at Midnight City [which they did play well]) and ended up playing a fantastic encore. Definitely the best show I've seen.
    Favorite live song: We Own the Sky or Year One, One UFO