Where's Phil Anselmo?


23 maj 2007, 08:42

Pantera is/was definitely one of my favourite bands!
well, does anybody know whats going on with phil? i haven't heard any news for a long time............are there any new projects going on?.....?
rip dime

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  • AciDemon

    last month he was on tour with 'down' in the usa. what he is up to right now i don't know. :)

    24 maj 2007, 12:44
  • dimedown

    the new down album [Down III] anselmo says comes at the end of summer 2007

    25 maj 2007, 20:14
  • AciDemon

    ah good to know. thanks for that information.

    25 maj 2007, 22:59
  • Alessandro_480

    cool! i like down!

    26 maj 2007, 07:03
  • m0rph3us

    Yeah, I heard Down were looking at re-releasing a remastered NOLA with Rex Brown doing the bass parts as well.

    28 maj 2007, 22:54
  • Saf_1

    They're touring with Megadeth and Black Sabbath in the Heaven and Hell tour. Its unbelievable how such major acts are touring together...tickets must be unnattainable...

    16 jun 2007, 16:34
  • Lowner_

    he's with Down... new album is coming in september 2007!

    16 aug 2007, 08:04
  • ashman79

    Actually he's with Down and his new band Arson Anthem, his southern hardcore punk band in which he plays guitar.

    26 mar 2008, 11:17
  • JSonicC

    down is his primary band now

    22 apr 2008, 16:09
  • alexinchainz

    afaik he's touring with Down... hope they make Brazil but I doubt it =P

    6 okt 2008, 03:22
  • olmanliver

    Down will play lots of festivals this summer in Europe, words on the street say possible recording of Down IV this winter

    12 apr 2009, 16:25
  • Rubain123

    I'm going to see down, and thus Phil & Rex, on Graspop in Belgium :)

    3 maj 2009, 14:24
  • Brunoharvelot

    Phill let's drink some beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer !!

    18 aug 2009, 06:17
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