• Shannon Hoon's Music Available

    9 dec 2008, 19:21

    Shannon Hoon music released

    See the Blind Melon group for the thread and Link. = )

    1.All That I Need
    2.Weeping Like the Willow (backing to St. Andrew's Fall)
    4.Flea Market Pete
    5.Headfull of Cavities
    6.Letter's from a Porcupine
    7.St. Andrew's Fall

    These are some solo songs and some early versions of songs that were later shared with the band to build on.

    This was just released by Shannon Hoon's Mother Nel Hoon who is suffering from cancer and it is being called a "Christmas gift" to Blind Melon fans. She wishes for it to be spread around.

    Hopefully this is just the tip of the Ice burg when it comes to Shannon Hoon Media that is supposed to be released soon, including countless hours of amateur video Shannon took through-out his career.

    For those of you who may enjoy this download I would like you to keep Nel Hoon in your thoughts. I won't ask you to pray but please at least hope for the best.

    They are also available in flac, send me a shout if you would like the flac files.
  • The Pumpkins Chicago's Auditorium Theatre?

    22 nov 2008, 08:58

    Fri 21 Nov – Black Sunshine
    I've heard good and bad about the show.. I was sitting in the second row of the first balcony.

    I could totally see what some people were saying in there in-depth reviews... How they were pissed off since Billy seemed egotistical. Some said that the old shows were so much better and that made me wonder what my girlfriend and I were missing, but hey it was my first show. So I left pumped... and it was awesome that Billy said we were his favorite Chicago audience so far. I was expecting an encore myself and was a little disappointed about the way he left.

    We left right after that and did stay to demand that encore.. we had a cab to catch.

    He actually compared the show the show on Tuesday to him being on America's Next Top Model.. he said that crowd sucked.

    He did do some annoying ass shit though, especially with the feedback.
    All in all, I screamed my ass off because I personally would like to see the Pumpkins come back to Chicago again, and it was fun.

    However I noticed most didn't get the joke when he pointed in our direction looking for a girl with glasses wearing white crosses.

    We also paid a lot for the show.

    I just wonder what those people in the nosebleed seats paid, I would think and hope just as much for the amount of complaining.

    Our show was good I wouldn't mark it down so far or complain because of little things like some intentional feedback and the lack of an encore. I would give it that 8 out of ten that people say they held back on.
  • A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other

    16 okt 2008, 19:22

    A great book by Greg Prato about Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon, to order a copy you can visit this site, each book is made to order. (meaning a book is not made until it is ordered.)
    A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on The Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon
    This book also features never before seen photos.

    "I am honored that Greg has painstakingly accounted for what the hell happened during those crazy times. He has summed up all the chaos, jubilation, and paranoia that is Blind Melon"
    Brad Smith, Blind Melon bassist

    You can also order a copy at your local bookstore.

    I want to thank kris10krunk for buying this book for us to share.
  • Impetigo

    28 jun 2008, 00:19

    Impetigo.. Amy Winehouse has it.

    Here comes the hate?
  • So... . . I Work At Denny's®

    30 maj 2006, 15:24

    So yeah I work at Denny's....its an American family restaurant and I do all the dirty work in my job, like last week for example I had to clean up some drunk guy's vomit, the acids in his puke bleached the booth's seats it reeked with alcohol, I was embarrassed in the fact that I knew people around me were thinking to themselves 'I'm glad I'm not the one who has to clean that up!'

    Not much in the way of music happens really I spend ten hour overnight shifts listening to Spanish music so much I think I'm learning how to speak it and coming on here to and listening to all my great shit makes it feel even sweeter,

    I just wanted you to know a little of my story and I'll edit this post almost for sure at a later time.

    Anyways thanks for reading this and why not add what you think of cleaning up human vomit. :o)