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  • girlpuke

    you think so? :~)

    22 jun 00:40 Svara
  • girlpuke


    20 jun 00:54 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    K Let me know when you listen to Mac Miller.. YEAH, that Problem song by Ariana is soo good!!! I love it! :D Have you seen the video yet?! It came out yesterday. What did you think of it?!

    31 maj 16:36 Svara
  • ListenLisse

    Hi! For a limited time only my album "Sunset Over Cairo" is available at name a price, any price. Please share :)

    30 maj 11:41 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    I know there's a lot of music to listen to.. but COME ON! You promised me you would listen to it!! Don't disappoint me! :'( lol

    20 maj 23:14 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    Hey! :D Did you like Mac Miller's album? You never told me.

    7 maj 03:12 Svara
  • forlente

    everyone does. but we are not worthy ;-; enjoy this video of mac demarco placing a drum stick in him B-hole

    14 apr 01:20 Svara
  • forlente

    well the farthest north ive ever been would have to be pennsylvania or indiana. dude id much rather be too cold than too hot cause when ur cold u just put on LAYERS. let's switch lives. fricky friday it up.

    28 feb 02:48 Svara
  • forlente

    same same SAME. dude 4realz i dont get what the hype about LA is. I mean there IS a shit ton of cool stuff but you can't really experience LA unless u have a car (and i dont yet so). also it's way too hot out here. id rather live up north to be honest

    24 feb 18:27 Svara
  • forlente

    SWELL. I like it more than I thought i would~

    22 feb 04:35 Svara
  • forlente

    i love apokalypsis and to be honest i wasn't too excited about the tracks on pain is beauty when it first came out but it's really grown on me and it's a great album too. i don't know if i would say i like one better than another one cause those 2 albums have completely different feels to them. what about u? /// and dang luckkyyy. their concert on march 10 is gunna be my first russian circles concert. ill be sure to take them notes

    18 feb 10:46 Svara
  • forlente

    aww maannnn no way. if i ever had the chance to meet her id probably make an ass of myself. yaa when I got dragged along with a couple friends to see her and I hadn't heard any of her music before and i was just taken back. (so0o good) she's hands down one of my favorite artists now. dude I'm totally seeing russian circles in march yessss

    13 feb 11:03 Svara
  • forlente

    heck yes i have. I saw her in a church around this time last year and her voice live is just so beautiful. I may or may not have shed a tear or two. also we're seeing all the same shows pretty much just in different cities wo0o0w

    6 feb 08:41 Svara
  • forlente


    3 feb 07:16 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    You know what, I'm not sure about Azealia Banks. Her album keeps getting delayed. And OMG did you see the news lately?! Azealia went on a huge twitter rant a few days ago because she wanted to get dropped from Universal Records and sign with Sony. :-O You can look at the rants here: at the bottom of the page they are posted. And WOW!! You saw Kanye West live?! That's amazing!! :D *-*

    28 jan 02:54 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    Ok good! I think you will like Mac Miller's album. It is really good!! The beats are HOT on it! :D And yeah, I like Chance The Rapper. I loved his verse on that Justin Bieber track called "Confident". You should hear it if you haven't!! It's awesome!!

    21 jan 03:13 Svara
  • Avarik

    Good tastes

    16 jan 23:44 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    Yesss! "Daydreamin'" is awesome!! It's like my favorite song off her album! Ariana's voice just sounds beautiful on it. It's such an amazing song, I love it!! <3 Keep listening to her album! You'll like more songs, trust me. And yes, Mac Miller's album is good. You gotta trust me on this one. It's a really great album, and I was surprised because I thought it would be NO good. I had low expectations at first when I first downloaded it, but then I started listening to it and was like, "Damn.. this is actually good." The beats are really good. The overall production of the album is perfect. I can listen to the ENTIRE CD without skipping, and that's really rare for me. It's a solid album, you gotta check it out! The name of the album is "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" and it's by far, one of the best hip-hop albums of this year. Or as I would say, one of the best albums of 2013, period. lol

    2 dec 2013 Svara
  • Breakup2Makeup

    Hey, you should definitely check out Mac Miller's album sometime. It's really good!!

    20 nov 2013 Svara
  • schap53

    wanna tlk right now

    12 nov 2013 Svara
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