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Om mig

Through cirrus clouds
A whispering sound
I keep on climbing without looking down

I'd like to re-emphasise this, as apparently some folk are flat-out incapable of reading a profile. STOP SENDING ME RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS! Enough, for crying out loud. At least give me a courtesy reach around before making a beeline for my friend list. And if that's too cryptic for some of you, then what I mean is this - you don't literally have to give me a reach around, or whatever the cyber equivalent of a reach around is (and truth be told, I'd rather you didn't). Just give me a shout or send me a message or something. Offer me a recommendation, or I can give you one.

But if you still persist in sending me a random friend request, then you're an imbecile. Okay? Sorry, but that's how it is.


I really want this chair. But I would never sit in it. How can you sit on a face like that? It would be like blocking the sunshine.

^^^^^^^^Greatest Movie Soundtrack EVAAAAR!!!11!!1^^^^^^^^

Anticipated Albums of 2012

If you know of any updates/details concerning the bands and their albums below, and I haven't jotted them down yet - I'm talking titles and release dates primarily - then don't hesitate to tell me. It's hard to keep up with all these bands these days. Cheers a bunch.


The Boxer Rebellion - Promises (May 14th)

Rumoured/Awaiting More Details

The Early Years
Secret Machines
Janelle Monáe
The Avalanches
The Black Ships
Painted Palms

My Top 50 All Time Favourite Albums
1.LeavesWe Are Shadows
2.The Boxer Rebellion - Exits
3.The Cooper Temple ClauseSee This Through And Leave
4.Moby - Play
5.LongwaveSecrets Are Sinister
6.Muse - Absolution
7.The Boxer Rebellion - Union
8.Longview - Mercury
9.New RhodesEverybody Loves A Scene
10.The OpenThe Silent Hours
12.DovesThe Last Broadcast
13.The Envy CorpsDwell
14.Leaves - Breathe
16.New RhodesSongs From The Lodge
17.Asobi SeksuCitrus
18.RöyksoppMelody A.M.
19.Hope of the StatesThe Lost Riots
20.Susumu YokotaGrinning Cat
21.The OpenStatues
22.The StillsLogic Will Break Your Heart
23.Nada SurfLet Go
24.InterpolTurn on the Bright Lights
25.texas pandaaDays
26.EditorsThe Back Room
27.Secret MachinesNow Here Is Nowhere
28.Morning RunnerWilderness Is Paradise Now
30.Dark StarTwenty Twenty Sound
31.The Black KeysBrothers
32.DovesLost Souls
33.MuseOrigin of Symmetry
34.Chatmonchy/チャットモンチー - Seimeiryoku
35.The Early YearsThe Early Years
36.RadioheadOK Computer
37.Lemon’s ChairI Hate? I Hope?
38.LongwaveThe Strangest Things
39.The Cooper Temple ClauseKick Up The Fire, And Let The Flames Break Loose
42.EmbraceThe Good Will Out
43.LeavesThe Angela Test
44.The VerveA Storm In Heaven
45.Susumu YokotaSymbol
46.Holler, Wild Rose!Our Little Hymnal
47.The Boxer RebellionThe Cold Still
48.FeederComfort In Sound
49.Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubHowl
50.A Silent FilmThe City That Sleeps

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