• Looking for Thrashin' (movie) soundtrack songs

    8 maj 2006, 19:07

    Discard all below — here's the complete soundtrack.

    Please if anyone who reads this have any of the songs from the movie Thrashin' soundtrack let me know! I am willing to trade or buy those songs from you because the original soundtrack was never made/released.

    Tracks I need:

    - "Thrashin'" by Meat Loaf // got it!!!
    - "Arrow Through my Heart" by Jimmy Demers
    - "Want You" by The Bangles (from their first EP called The Bangles)
    - "Don't Think Twice" by France Joli
    - "Touch the Sky" by White Sister
    - "Dancin' in Jamaica" by The Tribe
    - "Playground" by The Truth
    - "Hey" by The Fear // got it!!!
    - "Maniac" by The Screaming Sirens
    - "Let The Love Begin" by Jimmy Demers and Carol Sue Hill
    - "Burnin' (For You)" by Rebel Faction
    - "Staring Down the Demons" by Animotion // got it!!!
    - "Couldn't Care More" by The Fine Young Cannibals // got it!!!

    If anyone has any of these songs PLEASE contact me!

    Thanx in front!