Best of Sevendust


28 apr 2006, 09:52

Listened to Best of, Chapter One: 1997-2004. I didn't like it very much.

The first six tracks sounded almost identical. Number seven, Bender, started out a little different, but then it ended up the same way.

Number eight was Angel's Son, which I'd heard before; it's a decent track, but nothing particularly great. The same goes for number nine, Praise.

Follow was number ten; I really liked that song. It was my favourite on the album. After that came number 11, Enemy, which was my second-favourite.

The next two, #12 (Face to Face) and #13 (Coward), marked a return to indifference.

I liked #14, Rain.

#15, Inner City Blues, failed to impress me.

#16, School's Out, had quite a different sound to it, more the booming, "WE'RE COMING FOR YA" style. Sadly, however, I did not find any redeeming qualities in it.

Overall? 5.5/10. I expected a decent album at the very least, something that I could appreciate, but with only three or four good songs out of sixteen, I'm disappointed.


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