4000lb squid abrasive noisy punk i want to jizz over acid damage and totally zany actually marry me afatalcure animal collective animal collective clone autumnfalconradiantlight avant-scorpion avant-slutwave barack obama beachgaze better than beirut birds cawing blank dogs grandfather chillwave corporate surf cutie in a v-neck darkwave deathgaze dream-drone dream-noise faux-french flowers grow here galen get sad and kill yourself gives me chills glass harsh drones heavy pop heroin i dont want to live i hate blonde haired girls i love lydia lunch i post deep questions in yr shoutbox i wish i could make music like this id smoke a bowel with nathan williams ill eat a strangers bread and get fat then kill myself inventors of dubstep its so easy when yr friends are dead juke kool lame lame dance level 80 paladin lo-fi lo-fi drugged out bluegrass lo-fi pop lol afc shouts longmont potion castle inside joke lost in the flowers mad dank marry me morbid pop music for satan to fuck his wife to my favorite track of 2010 no no wave noah lennox noise rock not corporate surf not to be lumped in with generic shitgaze bands octopuswave oh shit dear post-modern probably my favorite salem track proto-blank dogs push it to the limit reach the promise land and never look back real emo music real lo-fi rip dilla rope scorpion-gaze scorpiowave shitgaze shitsynthwave shitwave siltbreeze fucking rules slutwave sniff glue at a party and makeout with a dude i just met sounds even better when drunk the best juke track ever the prettiest salem track ever period the washer is going to open and i am going to be assulted with whites their early tapes were lo-fi theyre no salem thats for sure third reich of punk tom fec two thick scoops weapon of choice weed gaze weedgaze what the fuck is this guy on whip why the fuck is this so good wish the album would scrobble on lastfm witch house yr breaks ova niggah zooted zootsuit