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1 sep 2008, 09:02

It's A~chan!

So 'love the world' is breaking Oricon records and now the girls have a DVD of their GAME Tour releasing in the next few months(which, I might add, many people were praying for, yours truly included). Perfume is a group I can't deny that I like, as guilty as it makes me feel sometimes. Sure, they are probably one of the biggest pop acts in Japan at present but when the music is this good who can not indulge in at least some of their tracks. For me it's just a very "new" experience since barely any of the bands I listen to are at Perfume's current status.
Anyway, here is a list of some of my favorite Perfume tracks they have released so far. I tried to keep it down to just a few per CD. Here goes:

From Complete Best:
There is something about mid era(Linear Motor Girl-Electro World) Perfume songs. I can't quite describe it but it's this rather lonely feeling that each of these tracks evokes. In my opinion, Computer City is the one track that brings up this emotion the most. This has to be one of my favorite Perfume tracks.

Of Idol Master fame it's Perfect Star, Perfect Style. This was one of the first Perfume tracks I heard, from one of their live videos. A good song, rather on the slow side.

The electronics done on Perfume's first single were very minimal and took me some time to get into. Sweet Donuts is the cutest out of their older singles and also their first. Once in awhile it's nice to listen to the group before vocoders.

This seems like a very underrated song. I rarely here people mention how great Computer Driving is. Whenever I get to the end of Complete Best I find myself always happy to here this song come up. My only quip is that the dance routine to go along with this song is horrible.

From GAME:
Despite it being a product placement video, this is the song for one of my favorite Perfume PV's(you gotta love A~chan in that blue getup she wears in the beginning!!!!). Secret Secret fits the mold of what I think all Perfume songs should be.

I'm not sure if this was entirely written for that one drama or not...Recently I've really fallen in love with Ceramic Girl and quite unexpectedly. The vocal styles here are what is most catchy about it, especially how they do the verses.

Baby cruising Love
My first Perfume song! It's on the slower side but at the same time not all out boring. The girls sound very sweet in this song. :D

Puppy love
GAME's album closer. It took me some time to get into this song but now I can appreciate it a lot more. When Nakata adds instruments like Guitar or Drums into his music it always sounds spectacular and is one of his best while working with those instruments. There aren't any amazing vocal harmonies or anything but with electronics replaced with acoustic guitars and drums you gotta take notice.

Beat Takeshi held a video contest with this song as the main theme. There were a large number of videos created by fans but one called "Robot Sentai Perfume" topped the rest for me. I got acquainted to the song because of the videos in this contest and the song holds a lot of emotional attachment to the Sentai video. It's a slower Perfume song and a lot more sad but the programming is really good.

This time it's not a Yasutaka Nakata produced track! Akihaba Love is produced by dj momo who did a few anime songs but used the girls vocal talents for this song. Without the signature vocoders now commonly associated with Perfume music you can really hear how great each of their voices are on their own. It's a really catchy Akiba-kei track. Go to Akiba!

Jenny wa Gokigen Naname is actually so much more fun to listen to live because the audience always seems willing to participate as each of the girls takes turns on the mike. That said, I'd recommend looking up some performances of it on youtube. Apparently it was a cover of an older J-Pop song but recently Perfume has made it almost their own.

I didn't think that would be such a daunting task but I knew it would be rather boring just leaving it as a list. I wish the best for Perfume in the future and maybe one of these days I can get to see them live :D



    That is such a great pic! <3 シークレットシークレット PV is great! It's definitely one of my faves by them as well.

    3 sep 2008, 02:12
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