10 more goodns!


23 jul 2010, 06:00

In no particular order:

Tweaker: One time I was thinking of ways to find new music and I decided to look into original band members from your deceived singer or famous acts. I was looking into NIN's original members and found Chris Vrenna was in Tweaker. I'm so glad I did that cause tweaker ain't that bad.
Favorite song: Cauterized

CunninLynguists: This is really some great hiphop, great instrumentation and great lyrics.
Favorite song: Spark My Soul

Emancipator: I found these on a forum I go to a lot (I link to it on my profile page). I fell in love with this stuff immediately, I love the beats and the instruments.
Favorite song: Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires

The Gift Of Gab: Anything Tim Parker is a part of is awesome.
Favorite song: The Ride of your Life

Starfucker: I don't even know where I found out about these guys but they're awesome. Most if not all of their songs are good'n's.
Favorite song: Isabella of Castile

The Helio Sequence: I love this band. As you can see I love electronic stuff more than I used to.
Favorite song: People of the Secret

The Acacia Strain: It's about time I put some metal in. I just started listening to these guys but I haven't been disappointed yet.
Favorite song: JFC

Combichrist: I still love me some industrial too. I started listening to these guys and fell in love with their music.
Favorite song: Fuck That Shit

Mnemic: I'm not the biggest fan of nu-metal but I can't deny that there are some great nu-metal bands. But I love their music and their lyrics are pretty good too.
Favorite song: Door 2.12

Pretty Lights: I saw this DJ at the Loyal Earth Fest last year. I really liked him. He has great beats and great base. Most of his stuff is just good.
Favorite song: Easy Way Out


  • Ziegelhau-WG

    if you love emancipator, you should try sadistik ;-) and saltillo of course.

    13 nov 2010, 08:41
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