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visual kei spelningar i USAse alla

lördag 18 juli 2015
Beat Kitchen
Chicago, USA
41.939627 -87.68091

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  • Naaaaani

    OMGGGG wtf is tis? man wearing make up and dresses?Gay!!!! just woman can do this!!! fuck this is so gayyyy!!!! faggets [2] lel

    maj 2015
  • sls

    furry david bowie

    maj 2015

    this shoutbox is hilarious

    maj 2015
  • xStrikeBassProx

    I will check it out.

    maj 2015
  • PetitSagittaire

    explains the low birth rate. [2] Yeah, actually more than you think, sadly. World of entertainment is killing Japan. Males prefer to marry 2D waifus and females prefer to fantaisize on effemenite boys and yaoi material... Look up the documentary called "No Sex Please, We're Japanese" if you're interested in the subject. Men and women don't have interest in each other anymore. A kinda fucked up situation if you ask me. Almost -no- literally sounds like a conspiracy. Reminds me of the controversial book Kachikujin Yapû where the author describes modern Japanese culture as an entrapment made to domesticate Japanese people.

    april 2015
  • xStrikeBassProx

    "Dudes in make up is gay" Kiss,Marilyn Manson,Alice cooper...the list is long.And they have a lot of fans, both male and females.But again I don't see them kissing each other on stage.When you have guys in make up is kinda obvious that you gonna attract female fans more than anything.I Personally know some japanese guys that like it and others that don't.Both of them have something in common,guess what? they like idol groups and vocaloids.May explain the low birth rate.

    april 2015
  • Shiroihana1

    @PetitSagittaire I can't believe you people still try to act like music authorities on here. If you don't like a genre of music, you don't listen to it. Rambling about how much you don't like a genre makes you look like an ass. I used to criticize mainstream pop bands years ago, but I stopped because it's a waste of time and everyone has their own tastes. But yes most of the fanbase in Japan consists of females, and it's the same in the western world too. I would assume that the image draws males away, since dudes in makeup is apparently super gay.

    april 2015
  • xStrikeBassProx

    v In other hand we have vocaloids and shitty idol groups with 100% of their fanbase japanese male otakus with 40 years old.Eh maybe japan needs another nuke

    april 2015
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