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  • Seperat0r

    I'm not into many of these artists, but my guess is that this is a way of describing modern electronic that goes for a nostalgic feel, maybe like the tones and synth of proto-electronic stuff (video game OSTs, Sci-Fi movie OSTs, perhaps disco, BBC Radiophonic Workshop) with the engineering and arrangement of a state of the art, modern production. I've got a lot of stuff that matches the description I've just given, but this is probably a small group of people's way of describing these trends.

    november 2013
  • RAHB

    I'm not sure if the tag is just a joke or the name of a legitimate new style of composing music, but it's wonderful regardless.

    maj 2012
  • bleedbitch

    im in the past, im in the future. its like being japanese

    mars 2012
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