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  • LCDnewOrder

    Never thought I'd see Earth Crisis and The Smiths in the same tag, but there you go :/

    december 2014
  • foutredieu666

    ahahah fuck the smiths. no need for coherence apparently.

    september 2014
  • auggiepigeon

    А басист Смитс в дубленке стоит.

    juni 2014
  • EsteyOrganCo

    Whether or not you are a vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater, Australia has a gut-churning record when it comes to its treatment of animals. Please, give this track a go. Share it with others. Discuss. Debate. Turn this awful paradigm of ethics around.

    mars 2014
  • szczepan1989

    december 2013
  • 5k17

    @k8m7h64p: So you're basically saying we should not eat animals because humans are closer to them than to plants? That sounds terribly speciesist to me. Anyway, even if we do make the baseless assumption that animals are more capable of suffering than plants, it's still not true that eating animals leads to suffering. Animals in captivity tend to suffer less than those in the wild; humans know that keeping animals healthy increases their value, and they kill them relatively painlessly, whereas free-living animals have to struggle with predators, disease, and various other problems. They still do get killed, of course, but I don't see why whether or not a being may be killed should be based on its ability to suffer.

    augusti 2013
  • Altruism

    What? If you're motto is not doing it half-assed, then why are you vegetarian, not vegan? Dairy & eggs are as unethical as meat. Apparently you do care about ethics, else why bring them up? Quinoa is not a necessity in a vegan diet (nor is soy). That's probably why many (probably most) vegans never eat it. The majority of vegans I know (and I know quite a few) do not in any case. That being said. Human rights violations take place in relation to the production many crops, especially those used to feed cattle. No need to single out quinoa.

    juni 2013
  • TrailoftheFifty

    vegans are definitely not pussies. I'm a vegetarian for health not ehtical reasons and it's already hard enough. being a vegan takes immense discipline. with that said, vegans also need to tell you how disciplined they are and how shitty you are for being a meat eater. also, they don't seem to care the human rights violations befalling the farmers who consistently harvest their precious quinoa, but care if a brain dead chicken has a feather out of place. if you're gonna do the whole "ethical consumerism " thing, then don't do it half-assed, is my motto.

    juni 2013
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