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  • TheWrathofThor

    Will i go to heaven if I listen to unblack metal instead of black metal?

    förra veckan
  • Deathmarchozz

    Will I become a saint if I often listen to it?

    senaste månaden
  • spineshank155

    It was probably normal in those days to think there was a great flood when the Earth was going through some changes and flooded an entire continent, not the entire planet. I always wanted to go back in time and see what these writers were talking about or if any of it was true. The hilarious thing is people actually believe every animal on this planet was saved by Noah. Even an entire continent would be a bit farfetched, maybe he grabbed enough animals in the vicinity. I definitely can't explain a pregnant virgin. She had to have been drugged up at some point, the only explanation there is for that.

    senaste månaden
  • Deathmarchozz

    The combination of incongruous things normally for Christianity - a pregnant virgin, forgiving God sends floods and destroys all people and etc. This is the normal for them. Keep calm and don`t look for logic in this.

    senaste månaden
  • Oceaniccreature

    Honestly this is a contradiction. It is like saying Satanic Christian music.

    januari 2015
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Re-posting this hilarious shout: "If satanists burn down churches, do Christians pour water down volcanoes to try and extinguish hell? "

    november 2014
  • Sanity_Theorist

    The genre name is hilariously ironic on multiple levels, haha...it's actually probably equally far right, too!

    november 2014
  • scotslater

    Hey xxxKillianxxx... what's the problem yo? Never mind... don't answer... we all know how that will turn out. Peace anyway tho. Thanks for dropping by with the incredibly meaningful commentary.

    augusti 2014
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