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  • witch_possessed

    if u like slow music join this group

    december 2014
  • ll2k1985

    Heavier and darker neo-psychedelia, electronic elements

    augusti 2010
  • nomolosvulgaris

    Archive, The Gathering, Emptyself, No-Man, Paatos... It seems, trip-rock is progressive rock with some electronic elements, not trip-hop in general...

    maj 2010
  • nomolosvulgaris

    Да бросьте. Too much abstract trip-hop if so. The tag becomes uninformative.

    maj 2010
  • Biggey

    Ни хуя! There is no such style and cannot be, all is a deceit and profanation! What that muthafucker where that has registered such tag, another has picked up and has rushed... Be killed about a wall idiots! Is only TRIP-HOP and its derivatives, jazzy, abstract etc.

    november 2009
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