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I dag
Deep Space | François K.
François K.Concert
New York NY, USA
40.741674 -74.007036
tisdag 28 april 2015
Drive By TruckersConcert Moore Theatre
Seattle WA, USA
47.636433 -122.353158

1 ska gå

lördag 9 maj 2015
98.3 The Penguin & Huka Entertainment present Robert Randolph and The Family Band
Robert Randolph and the Family BandConcert
Greenfield Lake Amphitheatre
Wilmington, NC, USA
34.20985 -77.939629


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  • Archaeaeon

    Der Stürmer? Hahahaha.

    februari 2014
  • AJlekcaHgep

    Ol sux kox

    januari 2013
  • acc4116

    chipotec was this guy, this underwater guy, who tagged like every popular thing with his name, because he didn't realize that he could use a generic tag, and as a subscriber, pick to play only his own tags. a bunch of people saw his tag on something like 500'000 artists, albums and songs, and thought it meant something. then they realized totec radio was just some crazy guy who'd tagged far more than he could ever listen to, and that an entire day's listening could have his tag on everything. totec radio was literal spam. it would be like finding my name on everything on this site

    oktober 2012
  • dr_rufflove

    You tagged Tinned Luncheon Meat with 'totec radio'.

    juni 2012
  • Pseudomancer

    read Haruki Murakami. Be happy. [2[

    maj 2012
  • megajosh2

    Poor chiptotec. His inane tagging made everyone attack him out of their OCD obsessions with categorizing music.

    maj 2012
  • diver000

    what is mean this tag ?

    mars 2012
  • silverlage

    @kilstrit...just read all of chiptotec's explanations and you will understand what this tag means. Basically he started using it for personal reasons and many other people jumped in and started using it. Then it became really, really popular. Trolls didn't seem to like the popularity so they started hassling him. That is the story summed up into a few sentences.

    februari 2012
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