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  • Foresterregn

    thriller ebm, horror ebm etc ;] [2] we need some anime ebm, lol

    januari 2015
  • legorecords

    Our new video! STURTZFREQUENZ - MEIN LEBEN http://youtu.be/xJfpHuQYd_U

    augusti 2014
  • Goldi_lox


    november 2012
  • Joomla12

    There's actually a difference between this and Aggrotech. Aggrotech has more of a club sound to it and has fewer BPMs. Terror EBM tends to be heavier and faster. Many of the artists listed above are far from being terror EBM (only two are in the top eight). All the others either fall under TBM, harsh EBM, or aggrotech. Getting into all of this sub-genre shit gets silly, though. It's all a sub-genre of something else; that's what industrial music is.

    juli 2012
  • DARKELF108

    Totally awesome!!

    juli 2012
  • The_Remorseless

    Paranormal romance ebm

    november 2011
  • PredatorDM

    thriller ebm, horror ebm etc ;]

    september 2011
  • SkeletonFetish

    terror ebm hmmmmmm ?

    februari 2011
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