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  • Considerables

    Not a real thing

    juli 2013
  • xVictimOfADownx if you are interested in obscure technical music please join! I promise to at least visit once a week and post recommendations, but having more people join and/or be more active could lead to more discussions and recommendations from people within the group. Cheers!

    februari 2013
  • vitorsilighini

    I love ABR, but their not so much tech

    december 2012
  • xVictimOfADownx

    August Burns Red? So secondhand At The Gates riffs are now technical? [2]

    oktober 2012
  • aMAt_0ry

    ABR-technical? OMG! x2 yea funny

    april 2012
  • Chip1

    ABR-technical? OMG!

    februari 2012
  • bobo9390

    "August Burns Red? So secondhand At The Gates riffs are now technical?" secondhand At The Gates riffs are not technical, but the stuff ABR does is.

    november 2011
  • Beolyloszlagus


    november 2011
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