Straight edge

Straight edge (ibland förkortat sXe, SxE och Edge) är en livsstil och (motkultur) subkultur, starkt associerad till punk och hardcore. Ursprungligen inspirerad av hardcorebandet Minor Threat, har den spritt sig utöver världen, men är mest utbredd i USA, Kanada, England och Australien. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: Minor Threat

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straight edge spelningar i USAse alla

Noose, Clean, VordeConcert
Penny Gaff
Providence, RI, USA
fredag 31 juli 2015
Fury, Intent, Break AwayConcert
Strange Matter
Richmond, USA
37.550505 -77.452935

2 ska gå

fredag 16 oktober 2015
National Edge Day Weekend 2015
Stop And Think, Freedom, Mindset, Disengage, Stick Together, Clear, Invasion, True LoveFestival
Hardcore Stadium
Cambridge, MA, USA

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  • Toma400

    @Idiots-Rule Yup, you shout out my feelings about sXe. I discovered this recently and this movement is awesome. I'm not into punk music, but this interested me a lot.

    igår eftermiddag
  • Idiots-Rule

    Interesting ideology, I did not know about it until now. I guess I qualify for it but I'm rather a metalhead and not very much an active punk or hardcore fan. Anyway, I can't handle alcohol, I get hostile, so that's an active choice to stay away from it, and I have heavy alcoholism in my family as well. Drugs is not something of interest to me, either. But I must say that I admire people who actively follows this kind of lifestyle, without having as a serious reason as I do, but just do it out of a simple lifestyle choice. It's not socially accepted to not drink or do some kind of drug, at least not in the metal community I know, so it takes great will to live like that and it's not always very easy either.

    förra veckan
  • a51_

    Офигенно, мой выбор.

    21 dagar sedan
  • verdingo

    cool and all but i aint following ya

    senaste månaden
  • ScepSpec

    For some, it apparently is (or dare I say 'appropriately'). But one should nevertheless honour those who so voluntarily and selflessly remove their faulty genes from the pool. :p @Abhorrance666: I am convinced that the hostility stems from the realization that you're holding a mirror up to them, and they can't deny the monstrous reflection that they are otherwise so easily allowed to dismiss. (disclaimer: not edge myself, but a vegan teetering on the... well, edge, I guess). Hi King!

    mars 2015
  • JoeyThrasher

    v I second that question.

    februari 2015
  • KingFahtah

    Destroying yourself with drink and drugs and dying at 30 is a better ideology you think?

    februari 2015
  • AnaalForsage

    Great music, shitty ideology

    februari 2015
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