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  • sithneverdie

    @Grycho Dr. Steel retired thats how

    tisdag morse
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Holy shit, the top 3 (Dr. Steel, Vernian Process and Abney Park) are my favorite in this genre. This is the first time my favorite groups in a style have been the most popular, so surreal haha

    17 dagar sedan
  • Grycho

    How did a subgenre with so much potential turn to garbage so abruptly? Seriously, I have no idea how the ever-destructive mainstream got a hold of this in the first place.

    senaste månaden
  • P0rc3lainTr4m9

    How many remember Magdalene Veen (from abney park)?

    mars 2014
  • crazytribe


    februari 2014
  • Considerables

    such a joke, holy shit. Steampunk was silly as hell initially. A genre of music for it doesn't help this case. This shit is trash.

    december 2013
  • Dunkelfels

    A German steampunk music video from Drachenflug:

    juli 2013
  • jeremytorrazza

    My favorite steampunks artists are The Synthetic Dream Foundation and Ephemeral Mists! Awesome bands!

    april 2013
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