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skinhead reggae spelningar i USAse alla

lördag 9 maj 2015
Derrick Morgan
Crazy BaldheadConcert
Brooklyn, NY, New York, USA
40.679076 -73.983521

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  • minis76

    My this takes me back brill

    december 2012

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    oktober 2011
  • metawirt

    @nicmax99: "Trojan Mod Box Set" is missing! ;)

    juli 2011
  • nicmax99

    all trojan samplers for free..........

    juli 2011
  • Derek00

    word! grab ye girl and do the reggae motion!

    juli 2011
  • ashleyrobb

    keep the faith skins!

    mars 2011

    'I would want to think that reggae music would be safe from the infiltration of skinhead culture'- now THATS an offensive statement. As many people have posted, true skinheads listen to late 50s, 60s, early 70s Ska, rocksteady and soul, adopted by white working class kids who lived with and went to the same clubs as the first wave of Jamaican immigrants to Britain. ‘Reggae’ came after this, where the beat changed completely. The ‘Skinhead Culture' is far from racist, do you really think the likes of Laurel Aitken and Symarip would make songs about and directly aimed at skinheads if skinheads were racist?. Oi came along well into the 80s and 'Traditional skinheads' tend not to listen to it at all. Read more into music history before you make derogatory comments. Rant over. [2]

    december 2010
  • S1D1991


    oktober 2010
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