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  • BaileHiena

    Some pedophile creep has tagged "Tammy," a 12 year old singer from Puerto Rico with the tags "Sexy," "Porn," and a bunch of others that are really inappropriate.

    17 dagar sedan
  • oscar_unsung

    i only see sluts

    maj 2015
  • born-in-hell

    Pedo tag

    april 2015
  • spike637610

    RockNRollLove wake up stop listing and watching gay olden Bullshit music and listen to real music fuck 96% of artist are sexy and the other 2% isn't. Your probs a guy and most of the artist are guys so y don't you shut the fuck up and listen and watch REAL music. YOU MITE FIND IF U DO LISTEN AND WATCH REAL MUSIC NOT OLDEN SHIT YOU WILL REALISE THAT 96% OF THE ARTIST ARE SEXY

    december 2014
  • The_SchizoidMan

    Massive Attack and Portishead.

    december 2014
  • Centralos

    Hip-Hop group

    december 2014
  • Satoyashi

    @RockNRollNLove Who said tag is a label of genre only? If you like some song, you can tag it as "loved" just to find it easily in mass of "pop", "rock" and other labels. Same with sexy. You think it's sexy? Tag it as sexy. I don't see a problem. Besides, there are some really sexy songs - like "Deftones - Change". Perfect for making love. PS. I'm not using "sexy" tag. I just think, that it's legit to use "non-genre tags" for label music and make it easier to find in your library. That's what they are for. "Alternative" - I can have thousands of those songs, but - for example - only few "melancholic" ones.

    november 2014
  • zhelnerovich

    V you're fucking clueless

    oktober 2014
  • RockNRollNLove

    Sexy isn't a genre!!!!!!!!!! Stop tagging artists as sexy!

    september 2014
  • Remi_Z

    Sexy? Really!? Meh!!! 90 % of artists here definetely NOT sexy!

    augusti 2014
  • Thafoo-

    MGMT <3

    juni 2014
  • lucas197

    Beyoncé <3

    maj 2014
  • Raj404

    Caty Purry boner :V

    maj 2014
  • lucaslups

    Massive Attack. [3]

    maj 2014
  • vladholod15

    I think, that Kylie Minogue is most sexiest in this list)

    januari 2014
  • Red_Pain

    Massive Attack. [2]

    november 2013
  • Gravy95

    Carpathian Forest's bassist <3

    november 2013
  • The_SchizoidMan

    Massive Attack.

    oktober 2013
  • midori21

    artist photo: radiohead. what

    oktober 2013
  • lecopop

    Erotica is a hell of a sexy, sultry album!

    augusti 2013

    Madonna lmfao.

    juli 2013
  • EverytimeX3

    Britney <33

    juli 2013
  • PerfectSelf

    да вы все ебанулись...

    juni 2013
  • OneStarship

    Kentö is sexy, yah.

    juni 2013
  • paulaarenasfans

    http://www.lastfm.es/music/Paula+Arenas pop latino, jazz, electronic, r&b :)

    januari 2013
  • jussi03


    januari 2013
  • addict8

    good to see a man in the top

    december 2012
  • parparzer


    november 2012
  • Pena123456

    I thought by "sexy" I could find some music which is sexy like Led Zeppelin long and beautiful guitar/harp etc. solos...eh...I am totally disappointed! I didn't know that people tag "sexy" for actual appearance here...

    november 2012
  • hauzzer


    november 2012
  • sera_verte

    I'm officially tagging selected tech-house tracks "sexy". Well because they are.

    november 2012
  • AceHateCrew

    eyonce is not sexy...she is crap.

    oktober 2012
  • Ka_Ching

    Madonna é sexy ou era, não sei, prova disso é o álbum Erotica, sua turnê, seus videoclipes, sem falar em Justify My Love.

    oktober 2012
  • Luky7

    Madonna sexy? The world turned upside down :(

    september 2012
  • KingofKings21

    Gaga sexy? The world turned upside down :(

    september 2012
  • antoniocariola


    september 2012
  • LucMonster

    Gaga ♥

    september 2012
  • poploverxoxoxox

    Sexy is my favorite genre of music. [3] :DD

    augusti 2012
  • FalleRa

    Sexy is my favorite genre of music. [2]

    augusti 2012
  • blackie-baby


    juni 2012
  • Tomcadet

    Disexyia. who could tell, if not for the tag..right

    juni 2012
  • nostalgeek

    Lovage is the sexiest one! For sure!

    maj 2012
  • vVetSmilE


    maj 2012
  • belahpisang

    Led Zeppelin, anyone?

    maj 2012
  • hvorintetlevde

    Aguilera? Gaga? Minaj? Hilton? LOOOL

    maj 2012
  • l0rd_Of_Fear

    Support this group http://www.last.fm/group/Join+This+Group+If+You+Admit+Of+Being+A+Pervert+Sometimes

    april 2012
  • NeighborTotoro

    "A song may be tagged as 'sexy' because it has a sexy feel to it." Thank you most sincerely for this description. Who'd've known?

    april 2012
  • MathianSim

    Lovage !!!

    april 2012
  • ShakiFanatic

    My Divas ♥

    mars 2012
  • hardtostroke

    Lovage is the sexy music. [2]

    mars 2012