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rnb spelningar i USAse alla

London Grammar
Until The Ribbon BreaksConcert
House of Blues
Boston, USA
42.347263 -71.095844

7 ska gå

Jonny Craig
Down with WebsterConcert
Atlanta GA, USA
33.77103 -84.364537
tisdag 27 januari 2015
London Grammar
Until The Ribbon BreaksConcert
Terminal 5
New York, USA
40.769708 -73.992762

19 ska gå

onsdag 28 januari 2015
Until The Ribbon BreaksConcert Rough Trade NYC
Brooklyn, New York, USA
40.72039 -73.959675

1 ska gå

torsdag 29 januari 2015
London Grammar
Until The Ribbon BreaksConcert
9:30 Club
Washington DC, Washington, USA
38.918039 -77.023632

5 ska gå

1 hojtning
University of California Riverside…
Riverside, USA

1 ska gå



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  • BastiDrahtdurch

    Love the RnB of Germany

    20 dagar sedan
  • RRRRRicardo

    Lol @ infustriafan. Coming all the way here and write a comment like that. Seems like a pretty low IQ action to me. Just let people enjoy their own taste of music just like we let you enjoy your suicide music.

    27 dagar sedan
  • industriaFAN

    low iq music

    november 2014
  • GoneWithMyHeart

    @Goody-Jo Usher, CeeLo Green and Rihanna have actually common genre! head artists on this page are also pop. not because they play pop music (well, some of them partly do,but it doesn't change anything), but cuz they're popular you can differ rock music and do whatever you want. but i can't understand what you're doing here. are you hater or something? there's nothing on your page bout r&b or hip-hop, so why would you ever care? and how come you understand a thing about it then? and yeah, actually r&b differs like contemporary r&b, urban or pbr&b nowadays and it's a part of hip-hop, so everything is clear so it's definitely not you who has to talk about fake and real in hip-hop industry lol get away ;)

    november 2014
  • Luky7

    Slovak Hip-Hop

    oktober 2014
  • JenniferMichell

    Download Blanche Eden's 'Woman' EP & more for FREE today! #freemusic #rnb #pop https://t.co/WIp2BAQ43r

    oktober 2014
  • denizgorkem

    Onur Ozsu <3 http://www.last.fm/music/Onur+%C3%96zsu

    september 2014
  • Goody-Jo

    @Varjomanaatti Tell me please what Usher, CeeLo Green and rihanna have in common, their music doesn't even belong in the same genre. Only that it's popular. Musical Genres develop into new genres. That why we differ Classic rock from modern rock. Even though Classic Rock influenced modern rock a lot. Please tell me how Ray Charles Influenced Beyonce to even call this modern rnb. Second of all is my taste in music way more widespread than most people on earth. So saying that my library isn't exotic is just plain wrong. You probably only looked at the top 20 or something and didn't recognise most of it so came to the conclusion that my general taste in music is narrow which makes me conclude you didn't even look to the Tag Cloud on the right of my page which clearly shows anything form Britpop, to Melodic Death metal and Hip hop to post-rock and industrial to Grunge. Last of all, let's be honest, Compared to these autotuning, not self creating popstars true RnB Artists are musicgods.

    augusti 2014
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