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  • Marlb00ro

    As melhores <3

    mars 2015
  • dylstew

    There should also be a real post-hardcore tag.

    augusti 2014
  • FelipeRosario

    nossa sim

    maj 2014
  • AllBrokenHearts

    februari 2014
  • AtDawnTheySquee

    I only listen to trve emo and skramz

    december 2013
  • VitorToledo

    @name_waster I've already heard and it's my favorite album by them but I wouldn't say it's a real emo album. Definetely has real emo influences, but I see a difference right there. Anyway, it's a great album.

    november 2013
  • VitorToledo

    i hate how people are like emo CHANGED. IT DIDNT CHANGE!!! just some faggots abused the name. there are still as much active real emo bands(that play like in the beginnings of emotive hardcore) as there were back when everything started! it didnt turn into an other playing style!! [2] beautifully said. I myself listen to some bands like My Chemical Romance, but I know they're not real emo, they may have some influences on real emo, but they definitely aren't. it's just a different genre.

    juni 2013
  • Vote4cake

    Only a few bands tagged over here are actually Emo.

    januari 2013
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