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  • LiamRandolph

    I came here to ask why someone would tag Static-X as "rammstein", but I see in this tag's recent activity that someone even tagged Linkin Park. WTF.

    maj 2015
  • GothamsWarrior

    Rammstein - Stripped(live Völkerball) "HD"

    januari 2015
  • GoodMonster7

    Where is Ruoska?

    maj 2014
  • dayw4lk3r

    Hi, check out my band Salvation Zero :) \m/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Salvation-Zer0/112138405561577

    februari 2012
  • dayw4lk3r


    februari 2012
  • Nice_Santa

    Recently added Black Sabbath, Elton John, Lady GaGa. Oh god

    november 2010
  • ebsarne1

    RAMMSTEIN BACKSTAGE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6vn-tE_WWU

    april 2010
  • Sk3l8tor

    The system on the site is bad. Looked forever last night for Rammstein, but people want to tag everything else as Rammstein. Get real. Completely agree with exdeathbr and NFreakOSS. Rammstein is German. Tag some german artists.

    november 2009
  • ph3llp3

    muito loko

    augusti 2009
  • exdeathbr

    to tag similar artists of a another artist (in this case rammstein) with the tag, and then use the tag to find similar artists. The similar artists rammstein that last.fm is based on what rammstein listeners listen, and that sometimes dont work. One of the examples is rammstein, there was a time that system of a down was the first similar artist to rammstein, and system of a down has nothing in common with rammstein. Right now system of a down is the 9 place on the list of similar bands, a another band that is not similar to rammstein (slipknot) is on 15 place on the list of similar bands.

    juli 2009
  • x1Ricky1x

    What a bizarre thing to do...

    juli 2009
  • D4rk_Nemesis


    maj 2009