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  • LeCoinNawak

    v Yes, please. The idea of heavier Ozrics sounds awesome! Thinking of heavy psych, Marble Sheep is a nice band. Otherwise, I'd recommend Russian Circles and Midnite Snake for heavier stuff.

    18 dagar sedan
  • jonowev

    Anyone know of a band that is effectively just a heavier version of Ozric Tentacles? Need some super-duper trippy balls shit, not just stoner/doom

    oktober 2013
  • StefvanderZande

    What? serious? This is a real music genre? This musicians have the best job in the world! Getting Stoned, and then playing music! ;P Next night: Getting stoned again, playing again... This is what you call Sex, drugs & rock 'n roll! \m/

    februari 2013
  • SstnN

    Uhm.. Tool & Sleep?

    september 2012
  • AbuFatah

    Talking about metal's more extreme branches, Alchemist must not be forgotten.

    juli 2012
  • NicholasBellic

    Well, of course the Melvins, Sabbath, and Mastodon are here

    februari 2012
  • raven8

    sorry- i don't see anything psychodelic about Metallica.. My propositions: Electric Wizard, Stonehelm, Kyuss, Earthless

    november 2011
  • motorok

    Lou Reed and Metallica must be here. their "Lulu" really psychedelic

    oktober 2011
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