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Progressive metal (sometimes shortened to prog metal) is a fusion genre; a mixture of progressive rock and heavy metal. Progressive metal blends the powerful, guitar-driven sound of metal with the complex compositional structures, odd time signatures, and intricate instrumental playing of progressive rock. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: OSI

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progressive metal spelningar i USAse alla

I dag
Royal Thunder
Club Dada
Dallas TX, USA
32.784411 -96.784039
The Contortionist
CHON, AURAS, AdventurerConcert
The Shelter
Detroit MI, USA
42.332344 -83.041464
Royal Thunder
Holy Mountain
Austin, USA
30.26706 -97.735915

2 ska gå

tisdag 2 juni 2015
Royal Thunder
Rebel Lounge
Phoenix, USA

1 ska gå

onsdag 3 juni 2015
Royal Thunder
The Hideout
San Diego, CA, USA
lördag 6 juni 2015
Helen MoneyConcert
Midtown BarFly
Sacramento, USA
38.574516 -121.479202

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  • metaloly999

    @bcpeters1 that's why this genre called "Progressive" . And many people can enjoyed a things "destroys everythings human and fluid about music".

    förra veckan
  • bcpeters1

    when you're doing so many over-the-top, pretentious signature changes - sure, you have amazing technical talent. But at a certain point it loses it's soul. At a certain point technical virtuosity and technical skill just destroys everything human and fluid about music. That's why Dream Theater is "over rated".

    förra veckan
  • metaloly999

    Dream Theater is overated ?? lolololol. How many guitarist can make a many signature changes in a seconds like John Petrucci ?? Also keyboard virtuoso like Jordan rudess ?

    förra veckan
  • TheRuslu

    An estonian progressive metal band just released their new EP called "Unmasked", check it out!

    26 dagar sedan
  • Bolek0793

    music for intelligent people [3]

    senaste månaden
  • atwarwithself

    Hey all -- former Gordian Knot guitarist Glenn Snelwar here. I thought you all might be interested in the new disc. It's called Circadian Rhythm Disorder, and it's written entirely to a 51-minute drum track Marco Minnemann had recorded in one take (his 'Normalizer 2' project). The entire 51 minutes is intended to be played without any breaks in between the tracks. Despite it being a drum 'solo', I tried to compose a cohesive set of tracks that follow the premise of the 'At War With Self' project - multiple styles, instrumentation and moods across the span of the tracks. The disc is available on cdbaby, iTunes and amazon. It's also up on Soundcloud to stream in it's entirety if you want to take a listen (and, on lastFM soon...) More info on this At War With Self disc and other releases available at my site Thanks! Glenn

    senaste månaden
  • truth_in_chains

    music for intelligent people [2]

    mars 2015
  • dark_wisdom

    music for "intelligent" people

    mars 2015
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