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Progressive metal (sometimes shortened to prog metal) is a fusion genre; a mixture of progressive rock and heavy metal. Progressive metal blends the powerful, guitar-driven sound of metal with the complex compositional structures, odd time signatures, and intricate instrumental playing of progressive rock. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: Savatage

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progressive metal spelningar i USAse alla

I dag
Royal Thunder
The Earl
Atlanta GA, USA
33.74094 -84.346007

3 var där

Kayo DotConcert Highline
Seattle, USA
47.620201 -122.320711

1 ska gå

tisdag 7 juli 2015
Between the Buried and Me
Between the Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders, The ContortionistConcert
The Georgia Theatre
Athens GA, USA
33.9583 -83.3774

1 ska gå

torsdag 9 juli 2015
Between the Buried and Me
Animals as Leaders, The ContortionistConcert
Venue 578
Orlando, USA
1 hojtning
fredag 10 juli 2015
James Murphy (DJ Set)
James MurphyConcert
First Avenue
Minneapolis MN, USA
44.978749 -93.275979

3 ska gå

Between the Buried and Me
Animals as Leaders, The ContortionistConcert
Fort Lauderdale, FL, Miami FL, USA
26.121332 -80.146405

1 ska gå



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  • carli666

    ZİGGURAT - Kudretim Var (2015) New song

    onsdag morse
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Dream Theater are technical geniuses for sure, but nothing they do ever sounds truly spontaneous/passionate to me, unlike those 4 bands strongly influenced by them. Unexpect is probably more technicality/compositionally intense than them, more drawn to them for craziness.

    senaste månaden
  • Sanity_Theorist

    I actually agree with bcpeters1 regarding Dream Theater...the funny thing is that they often just focus primarily on guitar and keyboards in the end anyways, with nothing truly interesting to the vocals/lyrics and John Myueng only given time to show his talents in isolate tracks like Panic Attack. That said, they influenced Haken, Between the Buried and Me, Suspyre and Myrath in great ways. Maybe you'd prefer one of those 4? SUspyre is more symphonic, Between the Buried and Me is more death metal styled and Haken is more neo-prog. Myrath is their own band essentially, very middle eastern folk influenced with lots of frame drums and double harmonic scale.

    senaste månaden
  • metaloly999

    @bcpeters1 that's why this genre called "Progressive" . And many people can enjoyed a things "destroys everythings human and fluid about music".

    maj 2015
  • bcpeters1

    when you're doing so many over-the-top, pretentious signature changes - sure, you have amazing technical talent. But at a certain point it loses it's soul. At a certain point technical virtuosity and technical skill just destroys everything human and fluid about music. That's why Dream Theater is "over rated".

    maj 2015
  • metaloly999

    Dream Theater is overated ?? lolololol. How many guitarist can make a many signature changes in a seconds like John Petrucci ?? Also keyboard virtuoso like Jordan rudess ?

    maj 2015
  • TheRuslu

    An estonian progressive metal band just released their new EP called "Unmasked", check it out!

    maj 2015
  • Bolek0793

    music for intelligent people [3]

    april 2015
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