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  • Nettacki

    Green Day had at least one stint with this: American Idiot.

    oktober 2014
  • benxander

    There's only one band I can personally think of who "combines punk music with complex instrumental structures and often political lyrics", and that's The Damned. Try listening to both The Black Album and Phantasmagoria.

    augusti 2014
  • Wheelspawn

    Pink Floyd has nothing to do with punk. U2 has nothing to do with prog. Bad Religion tried prog but never combined it with punk.

    maj 2014
  • AprilPhantom

    it's not an oxymoron, Punk can be more creative, esoteric, and experimental than the stagnant 70's progressive rock scene.

    december 2013
  • xVTSWx

    I think The Mars Volta, NoMeansNo, Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan can fit into this tag.

    oktober 2013
  • Oates_Moustache

    Yeah, it's a bit of a wanky self-applied genre, but at the same time it's nice to see Cardiacs as the top artist for something.

    februari 2013
  • Tripmetal

    reply to :- BlockJuice isn't this the same thing as post-punk? No not really, post-punk was more of a Krautrock (German Prog - Prog which Punks could like) or Gothic Rock general direction, although this area of rock was all a little vague really & crossed over with the more pop New Wave.Some post-punk bands had dub, reggae, funk & disco influences even. Agree not very well outlined above.Basically any music that has a bit of Punk & Prog influences in it's eclectic mix - that's a broad area though.Very much for the broad minded listener.In the mid to late '70's the extreme ends of rock were divided into Punk or Prog (including arty Proto-Metal bands) at the other end.Many of the musicians on both sides of the divide have 'come-out' & admitted they had influences that was forbidden though - this is the area of bands that you will find Pronk :-P

    april 2012
  • nekrobator

    That description is the shittest description on the whole, Pink Floyd and U2? really?

    mars 2012
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