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progressive metalcore spelningar i USAse alla

August Burns Red
Miss May I, Northlane, ErraConcert
The NorVa
Norfolk, Virginia Beach VA, USA
36.850247 -76.289459
fredag 13 mars 2015
I the Breather
Forevermore, Exotype, Come The Dawn, Sentinels, InventureConcert
GameChanger World
Howell, NJ, USA
måndag 16 mars 2015
In Flames
All That Remains, WovenwarConcert
Bismarck Civic Center Arena
Bismarck, North Dakota, USA
46.802963 -100.784676
lördag 21 mars 2015
Battle for Metal Fest 2015
Sirens Over SumeriaConcert
Webster Theater
Hartford CT, USA
41.744114 -72.682899
söndag 29 mars 2015
Within the RuinsConcert
Outland Ballroom
Springfield, MO, USA
37.207255 -93.292304
måndag 30 mars 2015
Within the RuinsConcert Aftershock
Merriam KS, USA
38.921508 -94.553131

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  • Alexface21

    It's slightly annoying that any metalcore band that: - sometimes changes time signature mid-song - uses ambient or ethereal guitar tones - plays seven-string guitars (and/or five-string basses) - writes songs in different keys instead of always D or C (or whatever drop tuning is being used) labelled "progressive", despite the fact that the word when used in "progressive rock" never meant anything of the sort. Having said that, given that the bands that do the aforementioned are at least a slight breath of fresh air, I appreciate this tag to an extent.

    december 2014
  • aldrignedigen

    To all those who tag every metalcore band that has 25 breakdowns instead of 10 as progressive metalcore, please stop it, now.

    oktober 2014

    a lot of them aren't Christian, lol

    augusti 2014
  • Politeuskalhori

    Are there bands in this genre that are NOT christian? Can someone help me with this?

    juli 2014
  • OutbreakOfFools


    maj 2014
  • aldrignedigen

    What bout PTH, man? They rock!

    mars 2014
  • Considerables

    Only three bands that are actually Prog in the top 8: BTBAM, THA and ATB. And i'm being generous with ATB.

    mars 2014
  • xVictimOfADownx

    "these days every new metalcore band gets labelled progressive." True

    december 2013
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