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  • Ag47_12_1_7_5

    ssshhh iiiiit isssss aaaaaa secret

    april 2011
  • AndAkAwA

    i came across this tag and, quite generally, like its existence.

    november 2010
  • skabdude

    of Soul-Junk's 1955 might fit nicely into this tag. Any thoughts?

    april 2010
  • galactus15

    cool wiki

    februari 2010
  • Sushi_Creamchee

    Tagged Clara Rockmore with “pla5tic 3la5tik”, she a very early Theremin player, and one of the best, still to this day.

    december 2009
  • Sushi_Creamchee

    Tagged Kwisp with “pla5tic 3la5tik”, they have a holographic video synthesis system, aka Hologlyphics, that synthesizes 3D images to live music. Belongs in the time-line of electronic music. Also feature Cork Marcheschi of Fifty Foot Hose, he pioneered the use of home built electronics & synthesizers in rock music.

    december 2009
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