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  • Trash73

    Join Proud NOT to be a True Metalhead

    juli 2011
  • DeviousTrojan

    Ya Twin method & twisted method OWn!! but the problem is one split up and the other has a dead guitarist so... :S ...........BTW delete mike shinoda from this page...we know he sings in LP .doesnt mean hes nu metal...-_-

    juni 2011
  • JoshLovesRed

    Linkin Park, Hands down.

    maj 2010
  • Chazas

    Whata...deftones aren't numetal. They're the most unique alternative metal(rock) band ever. 4lyn? They are rapcore, crossover, but not nu metal as well. KoRn? They are called godfathers of nu metal, but there aren't any shitty mc vocals and scratches in their music, so wtf man? And so on with all other bands listed in here. Where the hell are Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit? THAT'S NU METAL.

    april 2010
  • Buci55

    What do U think is the best Numetal band? Anyone knows Twisted Method and Twin method? I think they both rocks:D

    maj 2009
  • animester

    Numetal rocks... this genre combines a huge variety of other genres with metal and the mix sounds absolutely one can ever convince me that there's a better kind of music to listen to...numetal just has...anything in it...the heavy sound of classic metal(mostly trash...)melodic vocals,rapping,electronic elements,synth effects,,,samples...various musical influences from different cultures and most important...KoЯn as one of the most famous examples of a Numetal group(those guys are more than gods...they're...epic!!!...)...

    maj 2009
  • ShadesOfIce


    juli 2008
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