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  • Vakarimasen

    Well, I understand people who do not like these bands, but most of them ARE post-hardcore technically, cause you can trace their influences back to hardcore.

    september 2013
  • venenumest

    i find this more laughable: j_brodu tagged The Dismemberment Plan with ‘not post-hardcore’. July 2012

    november 2012
  • venenumest


    november 2012

    Can't imagine the amount of butthurt that one must of had to endure to actually go about creating this tag. It's laughable how juvenile this is.

    juni 2012
  • venenumest

    count better. the fall of troy is possibly the only one out of the current 8 that actually is.

    januari 2012
  • KrossPoison

    fightstar aren't. but that's about it :S

    november 2010
  • venenumest

    "yes. learn what post-hardcore is." i think they know, that's why they are informing you of this.

    november 2010
  • Zo1Berg

    yes yes!!!

    november 2010
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