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  • abilziero


    senaste månaden
  • gaahdicksonia

    keep the fucking faith!

    januari 2014
  • tetomusicmag

    I have recently stumbled upon a great soul artist named Sam Dickinson, he has just released his new video and it would be extremely helpful if you could share it and spread the word.

    juni 2013
  • tetomusicmag

    A multi-talented and innovative neo-soul artist; Christine Horn brings the perfect mixture of theatrics and music to the table. She provides her listeners with an amalgamation of R&B, Soul, Funk and Folk while exploring the whole spectrum of human emotion with her music. Innovation is the key to a great artist and Christine continues to wow her followers with her new single release ‘Give It Up’. It’s an aural experience you won’t soon forget.

    juni 2013
  • metawirt

    A bit of Northern Soul in the morning is the best way to start a day!

    maj 2013
  • pchely

    oh, do i love this! anyone to dance with me?

    februari 2013

    GOT DAMN!!!

    april 2012
  • Geeze61

    I still do absolutely love it !! ...............KTF

    februari 2012
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